Thursday, January 26, 2006


Pues aqui estoy, feeling healthy, alive, energized.

I have to say that sometimes gender-specific time and space is necessary to be grounded.

I am honored to work in a woman's space, and more specifically a mostly women of color's space.

This allows me a space where I can put a voice to experiences I had but never had colleagues to share it with. It's a blessing and a curse because I am also called on my issues. I can't play the race card, nor should I.

Good times...

We created a space that was open and spoke to our visions for GirlSource and I felt really rejuvinated.

I just came back from girltime with a very snuffly Michelle Wong...over tea and cheesecake and with kitty cats we reconnected. She's one of the awesome Saggie 3. Yay.

Ah...but my landlord's daughter is trying to sleep and has no the morning we shall continue...

Happy Friday to all!

I love me!

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