Tuesday, January 24, 2006

10 reasons why i'm worth a damn

1) i'm here, ain't i?
2) i fill quotas
3) i really DO care
4) i love my mom
5) i make good conversation
6) i love spinal tap and the nightmare before christmas
7) i love music
8) i'm open
9) when i dance, i am beautiful. period.
10) the world needs a voice for justice

(god i feel like such a pathetic ass working her issues out on the internet. wtf?)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is Ackthehack bored messing around online before working a server maintenance.

Feeling very down these last couple of days sounding a bit like your life is quickly turning into a Smiths song.

Listen you don't have to prove your worth being born is power.

Bob Mould once said this in a Husker Du song called These Important Years and I have always found it to be true.

We're all exchanging pleasantries
No matter how we feel
And no one knows the difference
'Cause it all seems so unreal
You'd better grab a hold of something
Simple but it's true
If you don't stop to smell the roses now
They might end up on you

Expectations only mean you really think you know
What's coming next, and you don't