Saturday, January 7, 2006

Saturday Morning at 9 o'clock as the day begins...

Good morning, lovlies!
One thing I am learning about this format of blogging is that I need to revisit my CSS skills. They are old, rusty and crusty. I start looking at code and it gets mindboggling. The extensions of xhtml, xml, php, asp...I feel like I should understand these technologies, but I haven't a clue as of yet.

For the past few days I have been experimenting with blogging in 3rd person to give it an air of story. I shall flip-flop back and forth, to be sure.

It's a lovely, sunny day. I woke up listening to NPR's review of the week's news. Apparently the top stories are the death of a UN Peacekeeping commander in Haiti, the evolving condition of Sharon in Israel and the party's leadership, and reviewing what the hell went wrong in the mine in West Virginia. There was also some great loungey music from Sweden...Jens Lekman Jens Lekman. Pretty awesome stuff. He said his family listened to Greek folk songs growing up. Random.

I am about to take a yoga class with Shawna. I'm intimidated, of course. I noticed my face looks like I haven't slept in weeks and I have done yoga alone in my room, naked, for almost 4 months now to get used to seeing my body and liking it. Seeing people in public, especially Berkeley people who are inherently "beautiful" should jog my mind and challenge me to experience the creation that is me. Right?

Mas horita...

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