Friday, January 20, 2006

Ben Storm Band in the Haystacks

Ben Storm

A Street is near former stomping grounds in Hayward. I lived at 343 Ocie Way in a house that got hectic. Within a week of me moving in my room was broken into and a tarot deck my mother gave me was stolen along with other random items. Strange.

Last night at the Bistro, the Ben Storm Band played a tight set. The Bistro fancies itself perhaps a pub/coffee house. It's not as cozy as The Pub in Albany, but it's a cute little spot. A fireplace might do it well.

After a crazy day of helping out Streetside with Tech Tales and popping in the office and having a GREAT talk with Mary Ann about how my trip with my parents went...and a lot of the healing and thoughts I had about that...I'll delve into that more...but I just felt lifted and had such a sense of confidence...shopped for hello gifts for Noelia and farewell gifts for back to the office and got some correspondence out regarding the No Child Left Behind statewide hearing I went to on Thursday night. It's amazing what we're trying to pass as education to our children.
Streetside Stories

Paltry, trashy and unengaging. Thank goodness for a few warrior students/educators/teachers/administrators/families who are fighting the good fight! Thank you!

I dropped off thank you number one to the gentleman I spoke with on Wednesday regarding Digital Inclusion and need to drop off thank you number two. Powerful meetings that inspire you are GOOD, VERY VERY GOOD!

Then off to pick up wifey and Michael Paul (the drummer of the Ben Storm Band) to get to Hayward. There were a few traffic glitches, but we got there in time for their set. I was listening to a San Francisco Board of Education meeting on KALW regarding a list of schools slated for closure or merger and the community was RATHER active during this meeting.

Civic life so intrigues me. Legislation intrigues me. This is how our world is created, non? There are rule-makers...and supposedly we are the rule-makers, since we elect takes me back to my half-semester of senior year in high school when my fellow classmates were flinging pencils at the back of my head because they thought it was could that they would spring off my hair. Idiots. These were the honors guys.

The evening was goreous. A beautiful half moon in the southeast followed us along highway 13 as we cruised along the the bottom of the Oakland Hills. The drive is just beautiiful. Jane caressed each curve and crest beautifully.

Ah, it's 7:36 and I have to get to the going. Streetside Stories continues making films at Luther Burbank Middle School. I have to print out some financial statements for my 12:30 meeting with Financial World Group and then possibly meet with Sara about her website, and need to cancel with Lara and Diane regarding Bittersweet today.'s wintry, because the house has an overall chill to it. It's pressing on the skin, a gentle touch like a grandmother's thin hand, but present.

Happy Friday, all!

PS, today's pose - Pigeon Pose rocked!

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