Monday, January 9, 2006


Alrighty, kids. I may not be the craziest football fan ever, but I dig me some football. I also dig me some baseball.

We're in playoff season where my regional bias begins to play itself out. I am an east coast girl. I think the 49ers and Raiders are perfectly fine teams. I don't get the wearing of all the gear here in the Bay Area, but I get it's a cultural thing and I am not one to harp on other people's culture.

What I am excited about is the BLOWOUT win of the Carolina Panthers over the NY Giants. I am a Giants' fan. New York is my home state, I was born there and grew up there (mostly) and they have decent colors. I do question their logo redesign a few years back, but that's neither here nor there.

I was torn because they were both playing, however...the Panthers had a real chance at the Superbowl last year and I would LOVE the Superbowl to feature a Panthers/Bears matching. (Which isn't possible, since they are in the same conference...dang...)

The Panthers beat the Read it yourself!


In OTHER news...

Also from yesterday...I spoke with my mom and she told me my nephew is doing well in his new school. He's in a wilderness program now.

My nephew is ridiculously intelligent, loves to read. I taught him how to play chess when he was 3. He's now 12, short, rambunctious and has emotional needs. My sister loves him, but has always been "busy" and so my nephew has been raised with my brother, mother, father...he has never had a lot of friends...he gets into fights a lot.

School hasn't been a great place for him and with my sister working a bazillion hours to keep her "bougie" (prounounced "BOO zhee") lifestyle as well as going to school full-time, she hasn't always been present in a way that would benefit him.
His dad is a complete mess.

My nephew is in 7th grade. I hate to sound conspiracist, but young black males aren't exactly targeted by public school systems to excel. I can't imagine how he is perceived in the south since he is a blended black male...latin/black child who isn't afraid to ask questions. And his temper is terrible. He's a Taurus and rather stubborn.

So he's in an outdoor school somewhere in rural North Carolina. He's sleeping in a tent and will be building a platform, woodstove, and basically learning how to survive without the usual amenities we take advantage of. I think it sounds WAY keen! He'll be able to teach me a thing or two about camping and hopefully can offer some good recipes for over the fire.

I need to learn how to use a camper stove anyway with windguard and all that.

That's my Hope for the Flowers moment of the day. Off to help with Tech Tales! Woo! DeHaro Middle School here I come!

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