Wednesday, March 26, 2008

richard feyman

you were a human
in the scientific realm
liked the "dames", you said.

last night's radio
play painted you inquisitive,
caring, and quite shrewd.

science and art are
both beautiful, both lovely.
thank you, mr feynman.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

my friend, the bbc

most of today? mine!
i slept, studied arabic
and made good foodstuffs.

black beans and quinoa
because i didn't want to
make rice--takes too long.

the bbc told me lots
of stories. i wanted to
discuss them. with whom?

Monday, March 24, 2008

finding that match...

either you are or
you aren't...and you don't fit in what?

because you aren't boxed
doesn't mean you AREN'T, so BE!
and let others see!

Community Stress Indicators

outside of the window there
are popping sounds--guns.

Broken glass on the
sidewalk, broken sidewalks and
little bits of trash, too.

The neighborhood is
hard-working with some folks that
don't respect as much.

I want to live here
without fear, share pride with my
neighbors. Smell flowers.

since my grandmother's
passing i've prayed more often
with the rosary.

the beads roll under
my fingers as i say the
prayers, announce myst'ries.

honestly, our father
seems a little dogmatic,
the hail mary? good.

the meditation
is what draws me in. a space
i make time to think.

rhythm, routine that's
good for my mind. handling the beads
and counting each one.

each is a blessing for
myself, my friends, my fam'ly.
a soft utterance.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


fire safety so cool
on easter..."i put out" heh.
training is caring!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


base of my back, you--
the center of my standing...
you are in much pain

you wake me. the morn
broadcasts its pain throughout my
nerves. each part knows it.

i stretch for you, dear.
i take medicine because
i know the impact.

a careless driver
a driver with false info
brought me this bad gift

i am more aware
of you as i walk and as
i sit. distraction.

i honor you, my back
for the years of keeping me
erect, flexible.

i will work for you
dear back. strengthen your muscles
til you are healthy.

i ask you return
to full capacity, back.
always love to you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

As We Honor Spring

Today Spring begins
in the Northern Hemisphere
War is protested.

Yesterday words were
spoken that I considered
eloquent and strong.

Not that history
isn't relevant but we
need to continue.

We cannot simply
go to words from far eons
and connect to them.

Amen to those with strength,
courage to speak from their own
true experience.

The world needs truth so!
The world needs vision and it
needs great leadership.

Humility and
coalition-building is
a must to survive.

Thank you, sir, for these
words of wisdom, honesty,
and your reflection.

Monday, March 17, 2008

st. patrick

St. Patrick, holy ones
pray for me. it's holy week.
the journey to Christ.

It's traditional
to take each day mindfully
after Palm Sunday.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

job prospects...

in looking for a gig
today i noticed i could
make more money...

if only someone peed
on me and i let them film...
or some other porn.

nice. i'm suited for
social engineering, though.
no golden showers!

just to be clear

it's been 4 years since
we declared war, right? er, um...
was it official?

naïve me wants to
be sure. so far i don't know
how it's helped iraq.

however it's great
business. making war is
a money-maker.

think about it, huh?
we need food, guns, clothes for joe.
who's gonna make 'em?

i want to see what
happens when companies make
money off better...

contractors for schools
contractors for housing and
contractors for ME!

rebuilding the world
one person at a time...for-
ever. profit = good world

let's charge for vices:
pollution, causing harm and
credit good things.

helped someone? credit!
harm someone? you so get dinged!
double dings for harm!

credits for your good!
debits for your harm! we'll charge!
and we'll make a mint!

(to create more good.
to help our world heal and stuff.
i'm naïve like that.)

pa' fumar!

mainly invisible
against the wall. don't see me.
making notes on music

being pushed about. take
more space! don't be pushed about!
damn! rude folks! see me!

missed the salsa. but
the samba was okay. drums
were played. people swayed.

the drums didn't pierce
the shell of lonliness, though.
she journaled a bit.

finally something
shifted. notebook away, her
feet began to move now.

people smoked pot, which
she detests, but tolerates.
she found her space. danced.

shy eye contact. turn
away. dance. weave the spell for
yourself. music heals.

piercing eyes. dancing.
the hand is extended. an
invitation. yes?

pulled onto the floor
he moves her, turns her. she smiles.
invitation. yes.

she lets herself dance.
he's playful, gentle, and bold.
she sets boundaries.

he's gentlemanly.
they chase each other about.
dance close. turn and lean.

he compliments her,
"are you from brazil? you dance
like a brazilian."

she blushes. no. born here.
family? caribbean.
but she loves to dance.

if only life was
dancing always to music
always confident...

if only life was
being invited to dance
always invited

if only life was
feeling as beautiful as
when on the dance floor

i'm so boring

you know the image:
struggling to make ends meet and
hard-working? it's "boring".

or at least it's made
to be "boring" fact is, though
it's really scary.

it starts off with cut-
backs on little things to pay
extra for gas or

groceries and then
unexpected expenses
tenuous budget

cost of living
up and salary stays flat
you feel rather squeezed

gas alone fluctu-
ates. so you cut out health care,
because it's extra

but the stress doesn't
go away. you still need to
eat. reduce your food.

stick to basics and
you'll be fine, so they say. it's
stressful. you feel so

unable to cope.
more money. more money. more
work. what do i need?

less bills. more income.
hope of being debt-free and
be happy. eat, too.

what do i need? more
family time. less stress. more
faith. less comparing.

more g-d. more faith. less
fear, self-judgement and,
oh yeah, please more cash!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

dark garden, music loving, and weird fish

Friday evening is
a delight when one has things
to do. Take a class...

or take a lecture
on ideas that are new to
you. a glass of wine...

studying handmade
clothing was fascinating --
lacing lovely tops!

on to makeout room
where the music lovers put
on a show...i sang...

oh i sang romance
while they played on stage their songs
guitar, violin, voice...

their encore was fab
fashion editor is a
favourite -- it rocks!

so famished! so i
waited and ate at weird fish.
fabulous trout, treats!

pinot grigio
filled my head, fabulous filled
my belly so well.

as always i felt
like a queen dining there. i
am special. dessert!

a carrot cake to
die for with my tea, thank you!
always a clean plate.

on to home for cats
for sleep, for remembering
there's always me time

my obscession

my obscession with
"Mandalay" by La Flavour has
ripened over this week.

the disco-latin
flavor simmering with a
blend of falsettos

i imagine a
floor lit with couples' coy with
dance moves, boogie night.

but it can't be bought!
it's not to be found in the
annals of iTunes!

Friday, March 14, 2008

gogol bordello

gypsy punk is good.
live gypsy punk is godlike.
passion and fiddle.

gogol bordello
plays boisterous punk with
attitude and flair.

thank you warfield, skin
dred, and bordello for such
an amazing show!

Romani music
done with fire. Celebrate now!
with drums and guitar

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


i so mourn that i
have my last arabic class
tonight. i've loved it!

my greatest joy is
in writing. the script is my
one meditation.

i've learned "bahrain" is
the land between two seas! I
never knew that! alif

is the first letter.
baa is the second letter
and it goes on there.

i can't wait to learn
more as i grow from a new
speaker to a novice.

and as a lefty
the script is so nice! no ink
as i write the words!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

wide brimmed

beware the wide-brimmed
hat, my dear. it will allure.
hiding one's eyes, love?

my giddiness has
to do with talking on the
phone til midnight. hee!

new stories! new tales!
who are you? where are you from?
how did you arrive?

and, honestly, when
is conversation about
Mary Poppins cool?

Yet it happened! I
am intrigued, of course. My peers
don't often discuss

Ms. Poppins with me. She
is a personal hero
of mine. I envy her.

I envy her voice:
clear, honest, strong, beautiful.
Mary, queen of all.

Monday, March 10, 2008

fin de semana

my brain is tapped, dude.
the sun was awesome. more sun!
more married friends. yay.

i taught. i slept. and
danced somewhere in there. and slept.
did i mention i slept?

last night i was in
bomba bliss. women on the
barilles, pounding.

the ancestors called
in drumming. women
drumming. unison.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

while at shalimar...

while at shalimar
eating goat karahi and naan
alice adventured.

the jabberwock made
his appearance in the book
and i smiled. childhood.

"beware the 'wock, my son"
a favourite poem of
mine. Always has been.

fremont hosted my
meal last night. i studied and
read. deep into it.

the looking glass! i
never read it and i am
now giggling with it!

carroll, a wicked
writer with black humour on
his pen. it's a joy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Augh! Geraldo!

¿Geraldo es bo-
ricua? ¿De verdad? ¡Dia-
blo! ¡No sabia!

Today G. launched his book:
"His Panic" and spoke about
his origins. Hrm.

His moustache is part of
his identity, no doubt,
but not "latino".

I didn't even
know he was Boricua. For
real? Geraldo? ¿Si?

Monday, March 3, 2008

socially awkward

socially awkward
put on the dress, make small talk.
smile. smile. smile. wave. smile.

relax. see your friends.
beam. share laughter. these are friends.
'tis a lovely evening.

take photos. camera
use allows you to escape
and see in detail.


sun on saturday
allowed for dim sum, croquet,
1st birthday and more.

more friends. and truffles!!
i discover i am fine.
can't sleep at home. grrr!

so i bought shampoo
and i found salsa on Grand!
so i went in-DANCE!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

7 Months

First jog in seven
months. I woke up and said, "NOW!"
Threw on some gear, tunes.

Just half hour, okay?
See if there's still the rhythm.
Oh yes, it's one-two.

The music paced me.'s the hill...
and now walk. Relax...

My mind raced during...
at first? Insults: "you're lazy!"
Then a groove: "So good!"

In my mind, "new niece
or nephew"..."feelin' sausage but
I'm running!" and then

"I'm still alone..." and
"This new Keeper is the BOMB!"
Then it was over.

I stretched, dressed and then
went to meet friends for dim sum. A
lovely Saturday.