Sunday, March 16, 2008

i'm so boring

you know the image:
struggling to make ends meet and
hard-working? it's "boring".

or at least it's made
to be "boring" fact is, though
it's really scary.

it starts off with cut-
backs on little things to pay
extra for gas or

groceries and then
unexpected expenses
tenuous budget

cost of living
up and salary stays flat
you feel rather squeezed

gas alone fluctu-
ates. so you cut out health care,
because it's extra

but the stress doesn't
go away. you still need to
eat. reduce your food.

stick to basics and
you'll be fine, so they say. it's
stressful. you feel so

unable to cope.
more money. more money. more
work. what do i need?

less bills. more income.
hope of being debt-free and
be happy. eat, too.

what do i need? more
family time. less stress. more
faith. less comparing.

more g-d. more faith. less
fear, self-judgement and,
oh yeah, please more cash!

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