Saturday, March 15, 2008

dark garden, music loving, and weird fish

Friday evening is
a delight when one has things
to do. Take a class...

or take a lecture
on ideas that are new to
you. a glass of wine...

studying handmade
clothing was fascinating --
lacing lovely tops!

on to makeout room
where the music lovers put
on a show...i sang...

oh i sang romance
while they played on stage their songs
guitar, violin, voice...

their encore was fab
fashion editor is a
favourite -- it rocks!

so famished! so i
waited and ate at weird fish.
fabulous trout, treats!

pinot grigio
filled my head, fabulous filled
my belly so well.

as always i felt
like a queen dining there. i
am special. dessert!

a carrot cake to
die for with my tea, thank you!
always a clean plate.

on to home for cats
for sleep, for remembering
there's always me time

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