Sunday, March 16, 2008

just to be clear

it's been 4 years since
we declared war, right? er, um...
was it official?

naïve me wants to
be sure. so far i don't know
how it's helped iraq.

however it's great
business. making war is
a money-maker.

think about it, huh?
we need food, guns, clothes for joe.
who's gonna make 'em?

i want to see what
happens when companies make
money off better...

contractors for schools
contractors for housing and
contractors for ME!

rebuilding the world
one person at a time...for-
ever. profit = good world

let's charge for vices:
pollution, causing harm and
credit good things.

helped someone? credit!
harm someone? you so get dinged!
double dings for harm!

credits for your good!
debits for your harm! we'll charge!
and we'll make a mint!

(to create more good.
to help our world heal and stuff.
i'm naïve like that.)

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