Saturday, August 30, 2008

facial fungus...eww

so my spider bite
may not be a bite. i mean,
it was once a bite.

but it changed and now
it's a raised area on
my cheek and forehead.

it's discolored and
strange. the doctor said "why worry?"
two months ago now.

other opinions
include: facial fungus or
some other rash. eww.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

35 years as an American has taught me

Interesting how
this goes, folks. You vote and watch.
And then what comes next?

I was born during
Nixon and now we have Bush.
And things have not changed.

Let me explain here...
When I shop for shampoo there
are lots of choices.

When I follow sports
I want an array of teams
to choose from. But why?

Each team has something
to offer. Competition.
Strategy. True grit.

I would not watch if
there were only two teams to
choose from. So let's look...

During my years here
as an American I
have seen two teams play.

Both teams have won and
lost. Over and over and
really, what has changed?

If you demand for
more than two cereals in
your grocery store...

then why not more choice
in the politics that frame
your infrastructure?

Just consider your
options, America. They
do exist. Check them.

Feel free to choose from
the two teams or maybe see
what your options are.

Vote early this year.
Exercise your right to choose.
Our choices change lives.

Friday, August 22, 2008


So exciting to
have time to breathe again, with
time to think again.

Work's exciting right
now. Two opportunities
to learn and do well.

But it's daunting. Yes.
So I am listening to
T-A-L right now.

The show is "Break-up".
And I realize I don't
have a recent one.

Is that sadder than
having a recent break-up?
I'm not really sure.

Monday, August 11, 2008

twins, twins, twins, twins!

last week i was sick.
no, really. totally sick.
and i barely ate.

but i managed to
buy some eggs. they're organic.
a good protein source.

saturday i made
an omelette. cracked open
my eggs. double yolked!

four yolks sat in my
bowl. sunny, yellow, and twinned!
double double yolks?

well, for the last two
mornings I boiled an egg to
find they were doubles!

Four out of six eggs
in my half-dozen double
yolked. Cool, yet mundane.