Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Palabras para Hoy, 27 de Febrero

Since the house is on fire let us warm ourselves. ~Italian Proverb


Apt words considering this past week's madness.

In speaking with my mom since the fire we have made jokes, making light of the fact that she has a plate and a cork left of her possessions and home.

I am learning to squeeze and make lemonade. There is ALWAYS lemonade to me made, no matter what the circumstances. That's my drive for this year.

So, simply put, keep the perspective you deserve in your life: you deserve to receive goodness and if it doesn't come in the way you expected, make sure you have a pitcher handy.

Or to follow the words today: stop shivering in the cold and hold your palms to the flames. Warm yourself...the fire's burning anyway.

A Win!

This morning I got a call back from my 8th grade school...St. Joseph's in Mechanicsburg, PA!

I'm getting a copy of my confirmation certificate to give to mom!


One item of memorabilia recovered!

Also...God...so many of my friends have been searching through their archives...and finding random photos I didn't even know existed.

I'm humbled and honored.

Monday, February 26, 2007

2:46 am, a Cat is at My Feet

In the last 72 hours I have managed to not do my training, get out of my headspace regarding my mom's house fire, and get back into my headspace regarding my mom's house fire, be drenched by a gorgeous rain, begin creating a DVD to premier to the 5th graders on Friday, do laundry, stave off a cat fight, clean my bathroom, enjoy some FABULOUS Pho Ga (Chicken Pho), avoid the Oscars, and watch the L Word for the first time.

I also am up at this ridiculous time in the morning leaving messages for my old schools seeing if they can somehow dig up photos of myself and my siblings from our attendance there.

I've left phone messages to 5 of my former schools leaving my name, phone number, work email address, and the reason for my inquiry.

It was humbling to call my first elementary school and say that I was a student there 28 years ago.


This fire has caused random memories to flash in my head. I am getting flashes of things my mother had in her house that had sentiment for me, let alone for her.

I began an email to send a list of the items I remember from the house and I got really tired itemizing each item. Maybe it was the half box of Jojos from Trader Joe's that I downed while watching mindless television.

Jennifer Beal and company are all very lovely women, but the storyline was rather mundane like a soap opera. Perhaps I just don't get it because I dig the dudes. It was fun mindless pap that I couldn't get my eyes off for 3 hours with my friend Ronnie. We made fun of the plot line when it was weak.

I hate to be so materialistic about the fire thing...

My sister has been my connection to my mother this weekend. She flew down from her law classes in Vermont. Apparently mami got emotional when she saw the rubble the second time 'round on Saturday.

I don't blame her for not wanting to rebuild there. Among her belongings she found a plate, a cork, and a little angel that was in the house. Her washing machine and dryer were squashed like an accordion with only the tops remaining.


When she went back to rake through these things on Saturday, the angel was gone. Had it flown, or had looters sifted through my mami's belongings?

The thought of someone taking mami's angel filled me with seething anger.

Thats just a low thing to do and I wish I was there to sift through the ashes. It's very possible that any of her jewelry could be found. She's had many of these necklaces for years...and african head that I remember from when I was a little girl...a name plate in cursive with a little diamond in it...thin gold chains that adorned her neck since I can remember.

I keep on getting flashes in my brain...items that were lost.

All of these eaten by the flames of an insatiable beast of heat and gas and uncontrollable fury...it's amazing.

And yet as I write this, I hear the rain coming down again in the Bay. A soft rain that taps the windows of Michelle and Joe's house. Rocky is sleeping atop the cat tower and Sierra is nestled at my feet.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Another Link for North Raleigh Fire Video...

Oh my god

Fire Update - Donation

More info

Jesus,,,here's the update. I just spoke with my sister and my mom found a plate and a cork...


?NBC 17

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Holy Crap...my mom's house burnt down today.


My mom's name is Taty Padilla and she's one of the most amazing women I have ever known.

There's a donation page if you want to help. Over 30 houses burnt down in the fire today.

I'm just in shock.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday at Mission Dolores

Yesterday I went to last minute mass at Mission Dolores. The service was bilingual.
The music was quite lovely and I felt a connection.

Overheard at Ms. Montgomery's Class Yesterday...

"Is Condoleeza Rice related to Jerry Rice?"


They were discussing a Times for Kids article in which she is described as "working for peace."

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Those of you know know me know that I am a Taphead.

I saw them in concert when they came to San Francisco. The Folksmen opened for them. If you caught the documentary A Mighty Wind, you are familiar with their rendition of the Stones' "Start Me Up".

Tonight there is a benefit at the Parkway Theater featuring Spinal Tap.

I am a TOTAL DEREK SMALLS fan. (Duh! He is a bass player!)

There is something about a longhaired man wearing leather studded suspenders that makes me happy.

They also have a new single out: Back From The Dead.

Happy Birthday to Chris, too.

And rock on, y'all. Tap til you die!

Palabras para Hoy - 20 de febrero 2007


Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey!
- Barbara Hoffman

Man, after a great weekend of performing and kite flying, and celebrating the new year (4075), I got into bummer mode...for no particular reason.

I was at a meeting that discussed realizing our dreams. I had a panic attack...because I felt like I forgot how to dream. I got upset during an exercise where my partner asked me what my dreams were and I was blank.

What are my dreams? How will I realize them?


I didn't get up to run yesterday or this morning. My first run! I missed it!
But I managed to pack my sneakers and put on a mask and beads to remember Mardi Gras and put it in perspective...no focusing on potholes!

Celebrate, E, CELEBRATE! You've won for now, you got UP this morning!
And tomorrow ASH IT UP!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Pillow Fight! - The Video

Wednesday night was FUN!!

I recommend pillow fighting as a method to resolve all disputes. No one gets hurt...save maybe the geese who went down for the cause.

Get it?

*cheesy grin*

I got home by 8 and was in bed by 8:30 for training the next morning.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


2nd Annual Pillow Fight in San Francisco in the Justin Herman Plaza.

I stumbled upon this event last year on the Laughing Squid List.

Dude, it made Valentine's Day SO much fun. Carefree, playful pillow jousting.
I had two pillows. This year I only brought one, but it is downfilled.

Heh-heh. I am READY!

Are you?


It’s not Valentine’s Day, it’s PILLOW FIGHT Day!

Where: Justin Herman Plaza (Market & Embarcadero), San Francisco, CA.

When: Wednesday, February 14th, when the Ferry Building clock strikes 6pm.



1) Tell everyone you know about Pillow Fight!

2) Tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW about Pillow Fight!!!

3) Nothing in your pillow but pillow.

4) Don’t hit anyone with out a pillow.

5) Don’t hit anyone operating a camera.

Last year’s Pillow Fight was *amazing*! Let’s make the magic happen again! Please bring a few trash bags to share and help pick up after wards.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Palabras para Hoy, 13 de Febrero


prayer, originally uploaded by Hybridboricua.

“Pray, and let God worry” - Martin Luther

Breathe. So I am not sure how I am getting to work tomorrow. I emptied my coin collection to cross the bridge today and I cashed in my yogurt container for $1.25 of gas last night.

But I feel amazing. I feel blessed. I don't often speak in liturgical terms, but I saw the most amazing video of my former student's birthing process last night. I saw her push. I saw the amniotic sac the baby floated in for 9 months. I saw how she is a loving mother to her new child. I saw a bit more of the life process than I ever have - alive.

That little daughter that is hers is a beauty.
She breathes and expresses and softly moves her limbs in the free air.

She is AMAZING. And THEY are amazing: mother, daughter, and father.

So my unsureness with how to get to work tomorrow or what to eat tonight for dinner seems so minor in comparison to this minor miracle.

I need to remember what I can control. I have moderate control over my money situation, except when the unexpected comes.

I am hoping there are no more car surprises so I can rebuild my reserves.

God/dess, thank you for letting me experience this today.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Why the Weekend ROCKED!

Este fin de semana era ESTUPENDO!

So I started this weekend feeling a little sad, not for any more particular reason than normal, but then I received a phone call from my former coworker who let me know the details of one of my former student's baby showers.

Saturday I did my walk, then my doc, and then met up with my friend Sara in the rain to catch up after almost 3 months, and then the baby shower.

Despite feeling a financial crunch, it was good to catch up with friends and family, and my student went into labor during the baby shower! She looks amazing and it was so wonderful to be with her. She wanted to stay with her family and friends, but since her contractions were 6 minutes apart, we told her she should go.

I love her stubbornness.

I left the baby shower a half hour before she went to the hospital.

I put on a candle when I got home. And lit some incense and prayed all would go well.

8:00 am I called the hospital, and they didn't direct me to her, but her mother called and sounded tired and exhausted, but joyful that all went well with the birth.

In Spanish she told me that the baby girl was so hungry that she started breast feeding right away, like it was natural.

That just started my morning in the right way.

I put in Spinal Tap, watched the extras, laughed, started sorting through boxes and separating recyclables from look-through-later-stuff, and enjoyed most of the day in my jammies.

My friend Ronnie called to hang out at 2 pm. 4 pm was when we thought enjoy some Puerto Rican food at Sofrito. MMMMMmmmmmm!!!

Well, I wanted to trim my hair before then, so I went into the bathroom and got out the clippers my mom gave me.

This was the first time I was cutting my own hair. I used an extension plastic thing and started from my left ear. All went well, until a snag.

I had combed my hair, but a divot appeared about midway between my ears and the top of my head.

Um....I took a smaller extension to see if I could even it out and it just looked weird. Especially in the back.

Hrm...well, I thought, even it all out.

And so I did.

So now, for the first time in my 34 years (I was born with a lot of hair) I am bald. It's not bad. I didn't cry. And I thank GOD that I have a decently shaped head, thanks to my mom rolling my head in my skull in the crib so things could even out.


Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Good German?

I wanted to see George Clooney's latest. It has Tobey Maguire in it.

I love Tobey. He is a real, every man.

So I look it up on SF Gate...and it's NOWHERE to be found. In fact I look it up on IMDB...the closest it's playing to me is Davenport, CA. Really down south...

So why is this movie banned from the Bay Area? The same place where John Waters is autographing his album tonight at Amoeba records?

Is there some scandal I don't know about?


Jesus, Please Help Me

So last Sunday before the Super Bowl I took Jane to Ocean Beach to finally check the contents of her trunk.

I had a pair of rubber gloves, incense, and cleanser.

I found parking. The sun was gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and I was listening to KALW.

POP! went the trunk.

I walked to the back and was greeted by the stench of unfamiliar chemicals and body odors.

My face wrenched.

SPLUK! SPLUK! (On went the rubber gloves.)

The easiest things to remove were the clothes.
- 4 pairs of baggy jeans.
- 2 pairs of smaller, women's sized pants. 1 pair was enmeshed with a thong. Used.
- 1 black wrap around sweater.
- 1 Wrangler jean jacket
- 1 ripper slipper, copper
- 1 white sandal with a flower on it
- 1 pair of men's Nike sneakers

All of these went into a plastic bag. Christ.

The next things to be sifted through were the odds and ends. I saw music that belonged to me.
- 2 CD wallets (neither of which belonged to me)
- A few of my CDs. A few of my PMP tapes.
- Someone else's stereo
- A bar of Dial antibacterial soap
- Some outrageously carcinogenic overly chemical laundry detergent found in a typical grocery store that smelled overtly CLEAN and yet somehow NASTY in my trunk
- File papers of some school children's work (not a school I have worked with)
- Medical records
- School excuses
- Lighters
- Airfresheners
- Panty liner (used)
- Backpack with:
- 2 credit cards
- 4 IDs
Didn't the Oakland Police Department AND the Insurance Company do their jobs?!??!?!?!

These were separated into bags and a box provided by the detailer.

I bummed myself out because my sleeping bag, tent, PFD and kites were all gone.
I felt violated ALL over again. My stomach sank. Self-boxing gloves on. I start the emotional pummeling. "If only...why do people...why would someone steal a car...these people have stolen..."

And I almost turned back home.

But no.

I called my mom. I let my frustration come through over the phone, not understanding why one of my fellow human beings would do such a thing.

She tipped my chin up in the way she does over the phone.

And I went to Ameena's and Ernie's for the big game. I missed Cirque D'Soleil because I was sucked into cleaning my trunk and sifting through the contents to find what was mine and to be horrified by the things that were not.

It was a gorgeous Sunday.

I parked in front of Ameena and Ernie's house and lit incense to clear the air, so to speak. Some of the stuff I threw away and others I am waiting on what to do with from the Police Department and insurance company.

I was ready for some football. Go Giants.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Oh This Is Cool! Little Stevie!

This is such a cool book! I am working with 5th graders now and they are SO awesome!

Little Stevie Wonder is a children's book about Stevie Wonder by Quincy Troupe and illustrated by Lisa Cohen.

The pictures are AWESOME and it comes with a CD of Findertips and Uptight!


Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Palabras para Hoy - 6 Febrero 2007

"Hold a true friend with both your hands." -- Nigerian Proverb

My bilingual nature is beginning to show its weakness.

Lately I have been frustrated trying to share my thoughts en espanol because my command of the language is stunted to that of a 4 year old.

Oh well.

So I hate this upcoming day...the 14th when we should all be visiting our friends who have been unjustly jailed for their faith and instead has been hijacked to mean pink and red and chocolate and roses and if you're single and not in school where everyone gives Valentines, then you are a loser.

So I thought of friendship. And in my case friends have proven the family resource that my family hasn't always had. Being 3000 miles aways, my family hasn't always been able to help me in my struggle, because they couldn't bridge the distance immediately. So the Bay Area has shown me much love. The people I have met here myself and through friends of friends have fed, housed, and clothed me. They hear me out, let me cry, let me share my ideas, and take my gloved hands away from my cheeks as I pummel myself to the ground, shadowboxing myself.

So this goes out to the friends, near and far. The ones who've heard and let me cry and those who let me laugh by sharing their ridiculous adventures.

You know that I am a sucker for stories.

And music. I am also a sucker for music.

And for those who tell me they would never ever set me up with their friends, because they don't know anyone good enough for me in their circle...I appreciate that you're thinking of me and please allow me to think for myself.

I Miss College...NOT

I get the Daily Orange just to keep tabs on my almost alma mater.

Here's a snippet of the masthead this morning. Note the weather.
Note the HI and note the LO.

My blood is thinned since I moved to the (San Francisco) Bay Area. I cringe when it dips below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

21 degrees HI? BRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Woe is me should I need to return to finish my degree!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Happy Horsies, Unhappy Footballers

Congratulations Colts, and congratulations Prince on a FABULOUS halftime show.

BOO to the Italian hooligans who caused Italian officials to ban football (sic soccer in the U.S.) til further notice.

Um, it's a game, folks. Capice? Let's not regress back to the Romans and Coluseum/Lions days.


Thursday, February 1, 2007

You're So Well Spoken...

Joe Biden's gaff about Barack Obama brought me back to my life...17 years ago when a southern lady at Mrs. Field's Cookies in Boca Raton, FL asked me for a chocolate chip cookie.

I carefully selected her cookie...lovingly baked with chips and nuts.

I weighed it, and served it to her, graciously, in the paper bag brandishing Mrs. Fields' bright red logo, and, of course, a napkin.

She was a sweet, southern gentle Caucasian lady. Lovely accent. Like Jessica Tandy in Driving Miss Daisy.

She gave me her cash and told me, "You don't speak like the rest of them do."

In my naivete I responded, "Thank You" and returned her change.

In my heart I felt numb to her compliment.

I was an advertising student at one of the top schools for Communications in the country. I am wondering what else she would have expected from me.

17 years later. I haven't shaken the comment. Nor the chocolate comment in 5th grade. Nor the pencils being tossed at my hair my senior year in high school.

May I inherit some of Mr. Obama's grace and gumption.

Ay Dios Mio

Well, I managed to get a glitch in my mailbox, toggling all the mail I've received over the last 3 days and then deleting it.

I didn't mean to.

And the back button didn't help.

Neither did the fact that my trashcan is rather efficient. It shreds so mail is DOE. No retrieving it.


Aunque Levante Deprimida, Ande Esta Manana

Si, empezo el dia lleno de miedo...estoy miedo que no tengo suficiente fuerza cuidarme bien, que no soy buen hija, ni amiga...sentia que todo estaba MALA MALA MALA.

Y mas eso, la senora del Marathon nos dijo no usar musica.

Dios mio! Eso me puso MAL MAL MAL.

Y hoy levante, hizo desayuno, tomo mis vitaminas y llego a tiempo para andar el lago.

Si, trae mi musica, pero no lo puso en mis orejas.

Para media hora llore, totalmente en mi mente, pensando en mis pecados y mis fracasos.
Sin musica todoas estas cosas bailaban en mi mente, haciendome sentir mal.

Ande sin sonrisa. Ande sin mi musica, pero ande.