Thursday, February 22, 2007

Holy mom's house burnt down today.


My mom's name is Taty Padilla and she's one of the most amazing women I have ever known.

There's a donation page if you want to help. Over 30 houses burnt down in the fire today.

I'm just in shock.


Karen said...

Oh My God, Erika! I am so sorry! You and your mom will very much be in my prayers. As soon as my tax return comes, I'll send along something more palpable as well.

Roger Williams said...

Yikes. How can we help?

Roger Williams said...

Duh! Never mind, I was shellshocked by the article before even seeing the donation link!

Anonymous said...

Erika........My prayers are with you and your family along with the otheres who have lost there homes. Big Hugs...........Love Tori

Anonymous said...

I'M SO SORRY :( And I'm super thankful that noone was hurt and that your mom can keep her spririts up in this stressful situation. I can't believe this damage was caused by what suspiciously sounds like a tossed cigarette. I will keep your family and others in my thoughts today; thanks for the weblink.