Monday, February 12, 2007

Why the Weekend ROCKED!

Este fin de semana era ESTUPENDO!

So I started this weekend feeling a little sad, not for any more particular reason than normal, but then I received a phone call from my former coworker who let me know the details of one of my former student's baby showers.

Saturday I did my walk, then my doc, and then met up with my friend Sara in the rain to catch up after almost 3 months, and then the baby shower.

Despite feeling a financial crunch, it was good to catch up with friends and family, and my student went into labor during the baby shower! She looks amazing and it was so wonderful to be with her. She wanted to stay with her family and friends, but since her contractions were 6 minutes apart, we told her she should go.

I love her stubbornness.

I left the baby shower a half hour before she went to the hospital.

I put on a candle when I got home. And lit some incense and prayed all would go well.

8:00 am I called the hospital, and they didn't direct me to her, but her mother called and sounded tired and exhausted, but joyful that all went well with the birth.

In Spanish she told me that the baby girl was so hungry that she started breast feeding right away, like it was natural.

That just started my morning in the right way.

I put in Spinal Tap, watched the extras, laughed, started sorting through boxes and separating recyclables from look-through-later-stuff, and enjoyed most of the day in my jammies.

My friend Ronnie called to hang out at 2 pm. 4 pm was when we thought enjoy some Puerto Rican food at Sofrito. MMMMMmmmmmm!!!

Well, I wanted to trim my hair before then, so I went into the bathroom and got out the clippers my mom gave me.

This was the first time I was cutting my own hair. I used an extension plastic thing and started from my left ear. All went well, until a snag.

I had combed my hair, but a divot appeared about midway between my ears and the top of my head.

Um....I took a smaller extension to see if I could even it out and it just looked weird. Especially in the back.

Hrm...well, I thought, even it all out.

And so I did.

So now, for the first time in my 34 years (I was born with a lot of hair) I am bald. It's not bad. I didn't cry. And I thank GOD that I have a decently shaped head, thanks to my mom rolling my head in my skull in the crib so things could even out.



Karen said...




What's with the face paint?


Roger Williams said...

I, for one, am stunned.