Monday, February 5, 2007

Happy Horsies, Unhappy Footballers

Congratulations Colts, and congratulations Prince on a FABULOUS halftime show.

BOO to the Italian hooligans who caused Italian officials to ban football (sic soccer in the U.S.) til further notice.

Um, it's a game, folks. Capice? Let's not regress back to the Romans and Coluseum/Lions days.



O said...

What I thought was great coming out of the Italy fiasco was one editor lashed out at society at large, saying, "What schools did these men attend as boys? Which parents raised them? Which society condoned this behavior time and time again?!"

He basically said that besides the idiots who ended up killing the police officer, that society in general was to blame, because this shit, espcially with futbol, has been going on for way too long.

Then again, same could be said in most of the other soccer-mad countries...

Roger Williams said...

I slept through the Snoozer Bowl as I always do. Big mistake. Prince ripped that shit up. He hasn't been this good since his 1999 party in Minneapolis.

Relive it here. Again and again.