Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Palabras para Hoy, 13 de Febrero


prayer, originally uploaded by Hybridboricua.

“Pray, and let God worry” - Martin Luther

Breathe. So I am not sure how I am getting to work tomorrow. I emptied my coin collection to cross the bridge today and I cashed in my yogurt container for $1.25 of gas last night.

But I feel amazing. I feel blessed. I don't often speak in liturgical terms, but I saw the most amazing video of my former student's birthing process last night. I saw her push. I saw the amniotic sac the baby floated in for 9 months. I saw how she is a loving mother to her new child. I saw a bit more of the life process than I ever have - alive.

That little daughter that is hers is a beauty.
She breathes and expresses and softly moves her limbs in the free air.

She is AMAZING. And THEY are amazing: mother, daughter, and father.

So my unsureness with how to get to work tomorrow or what to eat tonight for dinner seems so minor in comparison to this minor miracle.

I need to remember what I can control. I have moderate control over my money situation, except when the unexpected comes.

I am hoping there are no more car surprises so I can rebuild my reserves.

God/dess, thank you for letting me experience this today.

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