Thursday, February 8, 2007

Jesus, Please Help Me

So last Sunday before the Super Bowl I took Jane to Ocean Beach to finally check the contents of her trunk.

I had a pair of rubber gloves, incense, and cleanser.

I found parking. The sun was gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and I was listening to KALW.

POP! went the trunk.

I walked to the back and was greeted by the stench of unfamiliar chemicals and body odors.

My face wrenched.

SPLUK! SPLUK! (On went the rubber gloves.)

The easiest things to remove were the clothes.
- 4 pairs of baggy jeans.
- 2 pairs of smaller, women's sized pants. 1 pair was enmeshed with a thong. Used.
- 1 black wrap around sweater.
- 1 Wrangler jean jacket
- 1 ripper slipper, copper
- 1 white sandal with a flower on it
- 1 pair of men's Nike sneakers

All of these went into a plastic bag. Christ.

The next things to be sifted through were the odds and ends. I saw music that belonged to me.
- 2 CD wallets (neither of which belonged to me)
- A few of my CDs. A few of my PMP tapes.
- Someone else's stereo
- A bar of Dial antibacterial soap
- Some outrageously carcinogenic overly chemical laundry detergent found in a typical grocery store that smelled overtly CLEAN and yet somehow NASTY in my trunk
- File papers of some school children's work (not a school I have worked with)
- Medical records
- School excuses
- Lighters
- Airfresheners
- Panty liner (used)
- Backpack with:
- 2 credit cards
- 4 IDs
Didn't the Oakland Police Department AND the Insurance Company do their jobs?!??!?!?!

These were separated into bags and a box provided by the detailer.

I bummed myself out because my sleeping bag, tent, PFD and kites were all gone.
I felt violated ALL over again. My stomach sank. Self-boxing gloves on. I start the emotional pummeling. "If only...why do people...why would someone steal a car...these people have stolen..."

And I almost turned back home.

But no.

I called my mom. I let my frustration come through over the phone, not understanding why one of my fellow human beings would do such a thing.

She tipped my chin up in the way she does over the phone.

And I went to Ameena's and Ernie's for the big game. I missed Cirque D'Soleil because I was sucked into cleaning my trunk and sifting through the contents to find what was mine and to be horrified by the things that were not.

It was a gorgeous Sunday.

I parked in front of Ameena and Ernie's house and lit incense to clear the air, so to speak. Some of the stuff I threw away and others I am waiting on what to do with from the Police Department and insurance company.

I was ready for some football. Go Giants.

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