Monday, December 8, 2008


"Self," I said, "How are
you doing?" I thought, "Hrm, well,
I must be okay."

Friday, December 5, 2008


She's a mirror to
my sister and my mother... niece.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


after almost two
years of constant stress about
who would lead it's done

now i stress about this
change and how quickly it will
come. it's mine to make.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

while in pittsburgh

while in pittsburgh I
saw McCain signs and I saw
Obama signs, too.

the dialog here
is real. people concerned for
their welfares and such.

ads prey on fears and
misrepresentations as
well as emotions.

november 3 will
be the day people forget
because of nov. 4

what are you doing
to make sure your voice counts and
heard this election?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

sunday morning with nina

comfort? when you watch
"when the levees broke" parts three
and four with a dog.

if you were like me
during katrina's news hype
you had no tv.

radio stories
painted pictures but not like
this. i'm stunned and shocked.

my hope is that in
times of trial that i show
my true dignity.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

facial fungus...eww

so my spider bite
may not be a bite. i mean,
it was once a bite.

but it changed and now
it's a raised area on
my cheek and forehead.

it's discolored and
strange. the doctor said "why worry?"
two months ago now.

other opinions
include: facial fungus or
some other rash. eww.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

35 years as an American has taught me

Interesting how
this goes, folks. You vote and watch.
And then what comes next?

I was born during
Nixon and now we have Bush.
And things have not changed.

Let me explain here...
When I shop for shampoo there
are lots of choices.

When I follow sports
I want an array of teams
to choose from. But why?

Each team has something
to offer. Competition.
Strategy. True grit.

I would not watch if
there were only two teams to
choose from. So let's look...

During my years here
as an American I
have seen two teams play.

Both teams have won and
lost. Over and over and
really, what has changed?

If you demand for
more than two cereals in
your grocery store...

then why not more choice
in the politics that frame
your infrastructure?

Just consider your
options, America. They
do exist. Check them.

Feel free to choose from
the two teams or maybe see
what your options are.

Vote early this year.
Exercise your right to choose.
Our choices change lives.

Friday, August 22, 2008


So exciting to
have time to breathe again, with
time to think again.

Work's exciting right
now. Two opportunities
to learn and do well.

But it's daunting. Yes.
So I am listening to
T-A-L right now.

The show is "Break-up".
And I realize I don't
have a recent one.

Is that sadder than
having a recent break-up?
I'm not really sure.

Monday, August 11, 2008

twins, twins, twins, twins!

last week i was sick.
no, really. totally sick.
and i barely ate.

but i managed to
buy some eggs. they're organic.
a good protein source.

saturday i made
an omelette. cracked open
my eggs. double yolked!

four yolks sat in my
bowl. sunny, yellow, and twinned!
double double yolks?

well, for the last two
mornings I boiled an egg to
find they were doubles!

Four out of six eggs
in my half-dozen double
yolked. Cool, yet mundane.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pliis, No' vamos pa' 'lla


No' vamos pa' 'lla.

¿Pa' donde?

Donde crezcan las palmas

Donde como alcapurrias

Donde veo el azul claro en el oceano e en el mar

Donde bailo donde quiero

Donde hay familia


No' vamos pa' 'lla!

Donde los gallos me levantan por la mañana

Donde como mango y quenepas

Donde como limber de coco

Donde como coco donde quiera

Donde tomo coco como agua

Donde hay iglesia por donde quiera


No' vamos pa' 'lla!

Donde habian indios, españoles, e africanos

Donde juntaban ser el borincano

Donde las mujeres andan y bailan en tacos

Donde los caballeros te tratan como reina

Donde to' el mundo es bello


No' vamos pa' 'lla!

Donde comemos, bebemos, y gozamos

Donde uno viene y se va con un abrazo e un beso

Donde tengo corazon

Donde sale los aguaceros (¡una bendición!)

Donde el coquí canta y canta y canta

Monday, July 7, 2008

Shy Feet

She hadn't felt music
in so long.

The shell of her body shielded
her from the infection of music.

Inside she was cold and empty.

It seemed foreign to her.
This music. A past memory.
She remembered how it filled and moved her.

But no more.

It reverberated off her shell
but no vibration inside.

She felt lonely for her
one and only and consistent companion.

The companion that filled her with
joy and laughter and movement.
She missed her music terribly.

She was alarmed not only
to not feel music,
but also not to miss it.

As if it was a stranger
that passed her on the street.

Something in her woke.
She wanted to reconnect
to try
to see if she could force music into her

She went and stood so many times
on the outskirts
on the periphery

She went to listen
and stood
but the music didn't fill
and she felt flat
and she left

no dancing
no music
not for her

She returned again and again
feeling empty

no music
no rhythm
not for her

She stopped.

Her heart was no longer in her chest
It had been thieved from her
She was empty

The smile erased
empty face

no tears, either
they had been robbed from her
She was empty

But then she dared

She WOULD face music again
the stranger and see if it would take her in

She stood on the outskirts
she watched the joy of the couples
his and his feet together
her and her feet together
his and her feet together

couples laughing, joyful
learning, laughing, moving, laughing

The corners of her mouth slightly curled
Live music
live drum
live violin

and cantores

She closed her eyes to remember

She stood closer

The breeze whispered around her
and lifted a part of her

Her knees began keeping time

She kept watch on the couples

his and his hips
her and her hips
his and her hips

Her knees kept time

his and his arms
her and her arms
his and her arms

Her hips began to move

A coro came on
She doesn't remember what it was about

She shyly took up her bag and moved closer to the stage,
still in a corner

She wanted not to be conspicious
she was still testing herself

But her knees kept time
her legs kept time
her hips kept time

She wasn't counting

Y la musica la entro

She put her bag down
She created a circle of safety

She moved
She moved


como los tambores

The wall, the shell
slowly disappeared

Was it just a veil?

Asi es, mami
Asi es, papi

She was joined
by a gemelo
each inspired by the other

Each keeping proper space

but mimicking
and dancing

and smiling
and joyful

and the music filled her
and she was dancing

like the dancing she remembered
the memory
the memory

of moving
and smiling

it returned to her
she moved this way
for 2 songs

and then she became shy
her feet stopped

her bag called
the safety of her journal

not wanting to lose what it was like
to feel music again

she wrote it down
she moved
her pen
to remember

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

oye! sube la anima!

barium is gross
i drank some this morning to
prep for the CAT Scan.

Friday, June 27, 2008

yes, there is nothing to share

yes, there is nothing
to share with you. i am the
same: unfit for here

yes, there is nothing
to share with you. the system
makes no exceptions

yes, there is nothing
to share with you. i am not
able to be here.

yes, there is nothing
to share with you. thank you for
checking in. move on.

there are so many
more important things for you
to focus on now.


why did we create
a world where anyone feels
the need to steal or

why did we create
a world where anyone feels
the need to kill or

why did we create
a world where anyone feels
they don't matter here?

Monday, June 23, 2008

who is it?

familiar image
the face is mine but if you
look at the eyes? no.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


did i have to push
through the yellow gold of the
full moon? It hurt so.

After an aching
head and body the werewolf
has gone. Now I'm here.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

because the line is drawn...

there is a line drawn
between culture and class that
says you're not welcome.

you should be able
to care for yourself but can't.
too bad. you'll just lose.

Monday, June 16, 2008


caffeine is a drug.
i know that now because i
drank tea saturday

and i am anxious
unfocused and jittery
wired but not sure why.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

youth workers

youth workers enjoy
seeing the growth and work of
their future colleagues.

helping youth form their
voices, selves, adult status
is a privilege.

sans crystal ball we
gaze upon the future now
because we see it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

yo, it's rolo

the text message said,
"yo, its rolo" and that was
supposed to jar mem'ry

rolo? rolo who?
so i texted back, "rolo?
te conozco?" and...

no text back. i thought
"aha! rolo and i aren't
long lost peops, okay!"

Sunday, June 8, 2008

the art of living

i went to dinner
on friday evening after
another long week

a friend sat in the
windowfront of the bistro
with his new partner

it was good to say
hello and then secure my
choice to eat there then

first to the bank to
get cash and then return to
enjoy my mmm meal

the girlfriend and i
spoke easily which was nice
then she mentioned clothes

my jeans were ripped and
i knew that. i shared it and
she wants me to shop

let's just say i fear
shopping for many reasons
unless she donates

the comradery
sorta fell then. please don't judge
me on my clothes, friend.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


a 6th grader asked
what to do if he was mixed
on the school survey

the teacher quickly
responded "choose what you most
identify with"

this is the part of
america i am
saddened by, "choose one"

Monday, June 2, 2008


actually its
good to listen to yourself
when you need to rest.

Friday, May 30, 2008


i could possibly
be the only woman who
doesn't care for it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

it woke me up

there are noises you
hear only when not in your
own home. they wake you.

buzzing, drilling in my brain,
doesn't let me rest.

it's two-thirty now
and i can't sleep due to this
lousy buzz. unplug it?

Monday, May 26, 2008


when i need metal
and i need to smile then i look to
beatallica. yeah!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

the(ir) secret

housesitting allows
me access into their lives
and perhaps i'll learn

what's in their house that
they are in love and stay there?
they are organized

their homes are so neat.
everything in its place. there
chaos is controlled.

some have pictures and
some have pets. some have extensive
art and some TV.

there are those who get
magazines and catalogs
in their mailboxes.

i search for a love
scent in their houses. is it
lemon? cinnamon?

so far i have not
found they share a scent at all.
where is their magic?

i seek whatever
they found. i want to bathe and
perfume myself so.

i stay in their homes
so i learn the secret of
love. but it's not here.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


cama, destino
mio hoy porque tengo
sueño encima

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Imagine a green
carpet covering the hills
shivering. Lovely.


Ancient rocks guard the
trees and soldier the river
as we drive past them.


My mind is cleared from
pollution as my eyes fall
on landscape sans ads.


There can be no food
shortage where we have issues
with obesity.

Food choices must come
from local, healthy options
whene'er possible.

The balance in food
resources must be restored
for all to eat well.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

dry eyes

my sister will cross
the stage for her degree in
law on saturday.

and i will stand with
my family as we watch
her accomplishment

Thursday, May 1, 2008


alif, baa, taa, thaa, waaw...
these are the letters i know
it's a brand new script

my fav'rite letter
is nuun. It looks like the moon.
Round and beautiful.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

vegan hot chocolate

soyful and soulful
blended dark chocolate with
cinnamon pleases!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

another school example

today i went to
the loo. i used the kid's loo.
i'm equal to them.

time to flush. perhaps
the plunger should have been a
sign - bad toilet here.

why pee with caution?
this is the bay area!
We have the pee rights!

Unless the toilet
is bad. And this one was bad.
No flushing at all.

The plunger didn't
help, either. Water level
rose higher. Oh no!

Friday, April 18, 2008

the alien me

radio beckons
her always. mind's eye, boxed sound.
it always tells stories.

goings on...ballet and
festivals and dancing and
meditation groups.

creating on the
stove and reading lemony
snicket -- also cool.

moon-watching and
flower-smelling and farmer's

likes doing dishes.
needs water. lots of water.
and plants. digs on plants.

alien me is
here on the planet to see
what it can offer.

people are strange when
they are her. she laughs too loud.
she's too ironic.

she needs a mirror.
alien me needs to see
herself more clearly.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

lock down

we were locked in to
our school yesterday because
there were gun shots. nice.

a beautiful day
ending in fear just because
the neighbors had guns

one of the suspects
was seen running on school grounds
locked down and waiting

luckily it was
only b.b. guns. but still.
it's hot. tempers flare.

near the middle school?
students shouldn't have to fear
for their lives at all.

Monday, April 14, 2008


i've seen bad photoshop jobs before...but this is just sloppy...

just me...I expect more from Comedy Central...

how many breaths

you are born with but
so many breaths for your life.
how do you use them?

will you hold them or
will you breathe with gusto and
savor the essence?

do you breathe sweet air?
do you breathe air filled with dirt?
how do you clean it?

what plants filter your
air? what plants flower your air?
what machines soil it?

at the end of your
breaths, will they have counted for
anything? or not?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

liberty hill

nina took me on
a walk this morning in the
mission. beautiful.

it's summertime in
the city, even by 8.
the sun and a dog.

we walked and i saw
small trees and beautiful homes
and noticed new streets.

Chattanooga has
lovely homes on it that seem
placid and well-kept.

The city view of
San Francisco amazes:
tree swaths to downtown.

A posted sign said
"Liberty Hill". I had not
heard of it. Hidden.

Above the Mission
on a Sunday morning I walked
as Nina guided.

my friends

i am now listed
on a huge variety
of friend-sites and why?

since the early days
of friendster i've noticed my
social life inverted

more time online and
pimping the profile has changed
my real face time

friends have become these
two-dimensional lists of
their preferences

i miss their voices
and actual presence. we
used to hang out, yo!

now my friends are their
thumbnails, up-to-date goings-on,
pokes and online nows!

if the internet
crashed for a day or two or
even three what then, folks?

would we make a call?
would we hang out? might we hike?
i dare ask. i do.

Friday, April 11, 2008

bad email

oh yes, how funny!
the ads in my spam are weird!
don't they know my sex?

Clearly no research
is done. I don't have a male:
part or partner. DUH!

So, no, I don't need
to make mine longer or to
make it wider. Nope.

In fact it scares me
to receive email with a
subject line like this:

"Bomb her womb from your
huge cannon!" WHAT? Okay, let
me set this straight now...

My womb is a strong
muscle. It can pass a kid
and snap back just fine!

But in no way should
any sort of weapon be
near her! She is flesh.

So, dear Spam people,
please find copywriters to
entertain me. Please!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

öröm (a list)

just out of curiousity, I looked up joy...

öröm/vidámság - hungarian
glæde - finnish
歡樂 - Traditional Chinese
yorokobi - japanese
furaha - kiswahili
радость - russian
sevinç - Turkish
khushi - urdu
Wonne - German
hêdomai - Greek
فَرَح شديد - Arabic
kegembiraan - Indonesian
prieks - Latvian
alegría - Spanish

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Marjane Satrapi and cheb i sabbah

I was charmed, SO pleased
to enjoy an evening with
Marjane Satrapi.

She's an amazing
comic artist and speaker.
Funny, frank, and French.

She speaks about her
experiences as a
true Iranian

No, not the Muslim
not the terrorist and, no,
not defeated at all.

She's a woman with
stories and a painter who
decided to share.

She smokes and creates.
She's honest and so funny.
I loved her every word.

And I dared ask her
what it was like to have her
work on black market

and if she would soon
release an album of songs
to hearken 80s.

(Her version of Eye of
the Tiger rocked in the film.)
She said no album.


Post Marjane I
wanted to check out Nickie's,
an old haunt sans friends.

My friends and I don't
often dance anymore and
it has saddened me.

I used to just go,
defiantly dancing on
my own. Lately? No.

But last night I went
to see cheb spin and to see
if the music would seep...

I wrote for an hour.
Sat at the upstairs bar and
wrote some dreams and wants.

Not an easy task
to write what you want because
for me? It scares me.

I don't KNOW what I
want. Let alone write it down.
Do I want too much?

But I did it. I
wrote down skills and wants and good
things about myself.

My head nodded and
my feet tapped. But would I dance?
I wasn't so sure.

I let the bhangra
slip by me. Usually
I get up for it.

Some arabic song
came on and I thought "Maybe
now." I stopped me.

Finally I put
away my journal and things.
I slipped off the stool.

STILL in my shoes I
began to move. My shoes still
on my feet. Dancing?

I saw the joy on
others' faces. They danced and
I was stopping me.

So I just let go.
I stopped to remove my hose
and my sweater, too.

From the bathroom I
emerged ready to enter
with the muse. She came.

I let the music
sink into my pores. I smiled and
I imagined dance.

I remembered the
times our friends danced once upon
a time. It felt good.

And my family?
They gave me music and dance
and I honored them.

For my grandmother.
For my parents and siblings.
For my good people.

The magic didn't
come easily. I was still
conscious. But I danced.

And I sweat some and
I smiled, the first real smile in
well over a month.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

perspective weirdness

sometimes a logo just
makes your eyes wide. take a look.
"organs r us" is real!

Monday, April 7, 2008

147 lbs

I have been feeling
not myself lately. The clothes
haven't been fitting.

Since my grandmother's
death in January I
haven't been healthy.

I've been eating more
crap than usual. And I
notice it. Snacks BAD!

So when I put on
my pants for that time when I
retain water last week?

Oooo...I cringed. They were
TIGHT. Normally they fall off
the they're tight.

And other pants are hard
to put on. The chins expand.
Time to be mindful

I'm supposedly
training again. Thirteen miles.
I haven't done crap.

I've been depressed. And
that means no movement. Just sleep.
And eat. And it shows.

No surprise to step
on the scale and see it's face.
1-4-7. I gained.

I gained what I lost.
And that's sad for me. So
here we go...water!

Drink water. Eat better.
These are simple choices. And
I can walk more. Sure!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Anyone else?

I first learned April
4th from the U2 song in

I was 12. In 8th
grade in Pennsylvania. I
didn't know Martin.

I hadn't heard of
him. I didn't know his words.
Clueless of impact.

Bono sang of the
shot in Memphis and it sang
to me human Pride.

I learned of Jesus
in school. Raised Catholic and
knew His sacrifice.

But I didn't know
of modern prophets. Now I
know. And I have learned.

So it began, my life
of learning about social
justice. It's my life.

I'm ashamed, somewhat,
that it began so late for
me. I will make good.

Forty years ago
today he was shot dead and
the world changed forever.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pay Your Teachers More

Here's the deal-i-o:
Just TODAY there have been two

This morning something
menstrual was mis-handled
They called a meeting.

This afternoon during
math a poor soul vomited.
The students stayed focused!

But, still, there is puke
on the floor in the classroom.
This is our future.

In a medical
profession, bio-hazards
are compensated.

As a classroom teacher?
Not so much. Plus you must teach.
Imagine it. No?

Invest in a classroom.
Provide it paper, pens, tools
for success, even.

Expectations you
have for YOUR workplace provide
for in the classroom.

You want the future
to work with technology?
Then fund technology.

Improve facilities.
Fix broken windows. It makes
a HUGE difference.

Google would not be
so successful if it was
in a broke-down place.

Medical science
would never explore if it
had dirty labs, right?

Kids feel this, adults.
They remember how things are.
They know adults, too.

Kids hold us to our
promises. They remember.
Invest in a classroom.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Como Pasa el Tiempo

Me levanté y
pensaba yo, "Mañana".
¿Que hago hoy yo?

Pues, tenía que
tomarme vitaminas
con agua. ¿Y más?

Pensarme bien en
el día. Hoy trabajo
dos trabajos. ¡Ay!

¿Mentalmente? Yo
quiero largarme de mis
trabajos...¿y que?

Quiero un buen
masaje. Quiero nadar
en una playa.

Quiero estar
en la cocina de mi
mamá. Su magia.

Quiero estar
feliz en mi mismo pi-
el. Con fe. ¡Ay, si!

Quiero dejar
dolor, pobreza y lo
malo. ¡A volar!

Quiero volar
mis chiringas al aire
en la playa. ¡Si!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

richard feyman

you were a human
in the scientific realm
liked the "dames", you said.

last night's radio
play painted you inquisitive,
caring, and quite shrewd.

science and art are
both beautiful, both lovely.
thank you, mr feynman.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

my friend, the bbc

most of today? mine!
i slept, studied arabic
and made good foodstuffs.

black beans and quinoa
because i didn't want to
make rice--takes too long.

the bbc told me lots
of stories. i wanted to
discuss them. with whom?

Monday, March 24, 2008

finding that match...

either you are or
you aren't...and you don't fit in what?

because you aren't boxed
doesn't mean you AREN'T, so BE!
and let others see!

Community Stress Indicators

outside of the window there
are popping sounds--guns.

Broken glass on the
sidewalk, broken sidewalks and
little bits of trash, too.

The neighborhood is
hard-working with some folks that
don't respect as much.

I want to live here
without fear, share pride with my
neighbors. Smell flowers.

since my grandmother's
passing i've prayed more often
with the rosary.

the beads roll under
my fingers as i say the
prayers, announce myst'ries.

honestly, our father
seems a little dogmatic,
the hail mary? good.

the meditation
is what draws me in. a space
i make time to think.

rhythm, routine that's
good for my mind. handling the beads
and counting each one.

each is a blessing for
myself, my friends, my fam'ly.
a soft utterance.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


fire safety so cool
on easter..."i put out" heh.
training is caring!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


base of my back, you--
the center of my standing...
you are in much pain

you wake me. the morn
broadcasts its pain throughout my
nerves. each part knows it.

i stretch for you, dear.
i take medicine because
i know the impact.

a careless driver
a driver with false info
brought me this bad gift

i am more aware
of you as i walk and as
i sit. distraction.

i honor you, my back
for the years of keeping me
erect, flexible.

i will work for you
dear back. strengthen your muscles
til you are healthy.

i ask you return
to full capacity, back.
always love to you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

As We Honor Spring

Today Spring begins
in the Northern Hemisphere
War is protested.

Yesterday words were
spoken that I considered
eloquent and strong.

Not that history
isn't relevant but we
need to continue.

We cannot simply
go to words from far eons
and connect to them.

Amen to those with strength,
courage to speak from their own
true experience.

The world needs truth so!
The world needs vision and it
needs great leadership.

Humility and
coalition-building is
a must to survive.

Thank you, sir, for these
words of wisdom, honesty,
and your reflection.

Monday, March 17, 2008

st. patrick

St. Patrick, holy ones
pray for me. it's holy week.
the journey to Christ.

It's traditional
to take each day mindfully
after Palm Sunday.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

job prospects...

in looking for a gig
today i noticed i could
make more money...

if only someone peed
on me and i let them film...
or some other porn.

nice. i'm suited for
social engineering, though.
no golden showers!

just to be clear

it's been 4 years since
we declared war, right? er, um...
was it official?

naïve me wants to
be sure. so far i don't know
how it's helped iraq.

however it's great
business. making war is
a money-maker.

think about it, huh?
we need food, guns, clothes for joe.
who's gonna make 'em?

i want to see what
happens when companies make
money off better...

contractors for schools
contractors for housing and
contractors for ME!

rebuilding the world
one person at a time...for-
ever. profit = good world

let's charge for vices:
pollution, causing harm and
credit good things.

helped someone? credit!
harm someone? you so get dinged!
double dings for harm!

credits for your good!
debits for your harm! we'll charge!
and we'll make a mint!

(to create more good.
to help our world heal and stuff.
i'm naïve like that.)

pa' fumar!

mainly invisible
against the wall. don't see me.
making notes on music

being pushed about. take
more space! don't be pushed about!
damn! rude folks! see me!

missed the salsa. but
the samba was okay. drums
were played. people swayed.

the drums didn't pierce
the shell of lonliness, though.
she journaled a bit.

finally something
shifted. notebook away, her
feet began to move now.

people smoked pot, which
she detests, but tolerates.
she found her space. danced.

shy eye contact. turn
away. dance. weave the spell for
yourself. music heals.

piercing eyes. dancing.
the hand is extended. an
invitation. yes?

pulled onto the floor
he moves her, turns her. she smiles.
invitation. yes.

she lets herself dance.
he's playful, gentle, and bold.
she sets boundaries.

he's gentlemanly.
they chase each other about.
dance close. turn and lean.

he compliments her,
"are you from brazil? you dance
like a brazilian."

she blushes. no. born here.
family? caribbean.
but she loves to dance.

if only life was
dancing always to music
always confident...

if only life was
being invited to dance
always invited

if only life was
feeling as beautiful as
when on the dance floor

i'm so boring

you know the image:
struggling to make ends meet and
hard-working? it's "boring".

or at least it's made
to be "boring" fact is, though
it's really scary.

it starts off with cut-
backs on little things to pay
extra for gas or

groceries and then
unexpected expenses
tenuous budget

cost of living
up and salary stays flat
you feel rather squeezed

gas alone fluctu-
ates. so you cut out health care,
because it's extra

but the stress doesn't
go away. you still need to
eat. reduce your food.

stick to basics and
you'll be fine, so they say. it's
stressful. you feel so

unable to cope.
more money. more money. more
work. what do i need?

less bills. more income.
hope of being debt-free and
be happy. eat, too.

what do i need? more
family time. less stress. more
faith. less comparing.

more g-d. more faith. less
fear, self-judgement and,
oh yeah, please more cash!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

dark garden, music loving, and weird fish

Friday evening is
a delight when one has things
to do. Take a class...

or take a lecture
on ideas that are new to
you. a glass of wine...

studying handmade
clothing was fascinating --
lacing lovely tops!

on to makeout room
where the music lovers put
on a show...i sang...

oh i sang romance
while they played on stage their songs
guitar, violin, voice...

their encore was fab
fashion editor is a
favourite -- it rocks!

so famished! so i
waited and ate at weird fish.
fabulous trout, treats!

pinot grigio
filled my head, fabulous filled
my belly so well.

as always i felt
like a queen dining there. i
am special. dessert!

a carrot cake to
die for with my tea, thank you!
always a clean plate.

on to home for cats
for sleep, for remembering
there's always me time

my obscession

my obscession with
"Mandalay" by La Flavour has
ripened over this week.

the disco-latin
flavor simmering with a
blend of falsettos

i imagine a
floor lit with couples' coy with
dance moves, boogie night.

but it can't be bought!
it's not to be found in the
annals of iTunes!

Friday, March 14, 2008

gogol bordello

gypsy punk is good.
live gypsy punk is godlike.
passion and fiddle.

gogol bordello
plays boisterous punk with
attitude and flair.

thank you warfield, skin
dred, and bordello for such
an amazing show!

Romani music
done with fire. Celebrate now!
with drums and guitar

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


i so mourn that i
have my last arabic class
tonight. i've loved it!

my greatest joy is
in writing. the script is my
one meditation.

i've learned "bahrain" is
the land between two seas! I
never knew that! alif

is the first letter.
baa is the second letter
and it goes on there.

i can't wait to learn
more as i grow from a new
speaker to a novice.

and as a lefty
the script is so nice! no ink
as i write the words!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

wide brimmed

beware the wide-brimmed
hat, my dear. it will allure.
hiding one's eyes, love?

my giddiness has
to do with talking on the
phone til midnight. hee!

new stories! new tales!
who are you? where are you from?
how did you arrive?

and, honestly, when
is conversation about
Mary Poppins cool?

Yet it happened! I
am intrigued, of course. My peers
don't often discuss

Ms. Poppins with me. She
is a personal hero
of mine. I envy her.

I envy her voice:
clear, honest, strong, beautiful.
Mary, queen of all.

Monday, March 10, 2008

fin de semana

my brain is tapped, dude.
the sun was awesome. more sun!
more married friends. yay.

i taught. i slept. and
danced somewhere in there. and slept.
did i mention i slept?

last night i was in
bomba bliss. women on the
barilles, pounding.

the ancestors called
in drumming. women
drumming. unison.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

while at shalimar...

while at shalimar
eating goat karahi and naan
alice adventured.

the jabberwock made
his appearance in the book
and i smiled. childhood.

"beware the 'wock, my son"
a favourite poem of
mine. Always has been.

fremont hosted my
meal last night. i studied and
read. deep into it.

the looking glass! i
never read it and i am
now giggling with it!

carroll, a wicked
writer with black humour on
his pen. it's a joy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Augh! Geraldo!

¿Geraldo es bo-
ricua? ¿De verdad? ¡Dia-
blo! ¡No sabia!

Today G. launched his book:
"His Panic" and spoke about
his origins. Hrm.

His moustache is part of
his identity, no doubt,
but not "latino".

I didn't even
know he was Boricua. For
real? Geraldo? ¿Si?

Monday, March 3, 2008

socially awkward

socially awkward
put on the dress, make small talk.
smile. smile. smile. wave. smile.

relax. see your friends.
beam. share laughter. these are friends.
'tis a lovely evening.

take photos. camera
use allows you to escape
and see in detail.


sun on saturday
allowed for dim sum, croquet,
1st birthday and more.

more friends. and truffles!!
i discover i am fine.
can't sleep at home. grrr!

so i bought shampoo
and i found salsa on Grand!
so i went in-DANCE!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

7 Months

First jog in seven
months. I woke up and said, "NOW!"
Threw on some gear, tunes.

Just half hour, okay?
See if there's still the rhythm.
Oh yes, it's one-two.

The music paced me.'s the hill...
and now walk. Relax...

My mind raced during...
at first? Insults: "you're lazy!"
Then a groove: "So good!"

In my mind, "new niece
or nephew"..."feelin' sausage but
I'm running!" and then

"I'm still alone..." and
"This new Keeper is the BOMB!"
Then it was over.

I stretched, dressed and then
went to meet friends for dim sum. A
lovely Saturday.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Whoa! I opened the web
and up popped the BBC.
Totally new page!

The design is bubbly,
bright colors, big images
like social web sites.

I liked the old one!
It was more complex, broadsheet.
Oh well. Onto new!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

your first puri

i wanted bread but
had no milk so i looked in
a book: recipe!

puri's are puffed bread
magic pillows easily
mixed and fried. Muy bien!

i mixed wheat flour,
olive oil and spices and
water. Sticky hands!

i heated the oil
for frying, slid the round disc
and it PUFFED! PURI!

5 more were fried.
each one more beautiful than
the previous. mmmm.

I dipped them in my
soup! i poured soup in the puff
and crunched down. YUMMY!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Toss and turn and wake.
Questions pouring in and out:
"Why bother? Who cares?"

Restless body; mind talk:
"I'll die alone here. No one
will know. I'll lay dead."

These ghosts wander in
and out. Nothing calms. Meditate?
Shifting? It's all wrong.

It's plenty warm and
dry. Plenty of warm blankets.
Mind's playing bad tricks.

Demons dance. Eyes cry.
Exhaustion after tossing
brings on restless sleep.

The headache is back
the one that was gone. The one
the pink pill caused. No!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

what's the news today?

when i woke up it
was slightly sunny. the rain
had just swept past us.

i slept well. my back
didn't gnaw its pain into
me. my cocoon? perfect.

was on, but I didn't hear,
really. Kosovo,

Obama, curry
in Great Britain due
to immigration

laws. Stanford will waive
tuition for more and bees
have a sponsor, too.

meanwhile i have no
idea what's going on in
Oakland, my city.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A lunatic sees
the moon and marvels at it.
"Luna! Silver ball!"

Tonight it's swallowed
by the sun's shadow, the earth
interrupts the light.

Full eclipse will be
seen in the Americas
delighting moon fans.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Take the weekend off!
No funerals. No meetings.
And the sun? Perfect!

Shop for groceries.
Plan on not planning, okay?
Let your mind off. Shhh.

Feels good, non? Close to
a vacation just for you.
You're on your own time.

Warmth in the morning,
a cup of tea. A good walk.
This is life. No stress.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feliz dia de San Valentin

BART Station, Reflection 4, originally uploaded by Eriqua.

Pillows let out angst--
laughter in battle. Children
feel power. We FIGHT!

I came, I saw, BAM!
Feathers cover my head and
I fought all. I won.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dude, No Haiku. I'm just publishing this evidence of ignorance...

ignorance can be
remedied with knowledge, yes!
please educate them!


New York Congressional Delegation


CONTACT: Philip Schmidt, (Serrano)
(202) 225-4361

Gail O'Connor, (Velázquez)
(202) 226-1483

Serrano, Velázquez Call for Apology to Puerto Ricans From Rep. Brown-Waite

Washington, DC - February 6, 2008 - Today Congressman José E. Serrano (NY-16) and Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez (NY-12) called on Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL) to apologize to the Puerto Rican people after the Florida Republican put out a statement saying that as "foreigners," Puerto Ricans did not deserve tax rebates offered through the economic stimulus package.

"I have confronted this lack of knowledge about Puerto Ricans for years; Representative Brown-Waite's statement is just a new form of the same old careless ignorance," Congressman Serrano said. "That said, I believe that Rep. Brown-Waite, once she was made aware of her mistake, should have retracted the statement, and apologized. Puerto Ricans are among the most patriotic of America's citizens, and to label them 'foreigners' disparages their vast contributions to our nation. Additionally, I make no apologies for my efforts to include Puerto Ricans in the stimulus package. I worked hard on this, not just because their economy is linked closely with ours, but also because there's no reason in my mind why any American should be treated as a second-class citizen. To leave the Puerto Ricans out would have been unfair and economically unwise."

"Congresswoman Brown-Waite's remarks about U.S. citizens of Puerto Rican descent were a painful reminder that America is still struggling to realize the strengths of its own diversity. Today it should be common knowledge that Puerto Ricans are citizens of the United States and contributing members of our national economy and armed forces. It is simply inexcusable for a member of the United States Congress to call the Puerto Rican people 'foreigners,' and unimaginable that an apology has not been issued," Congresswoman Velázquez said. "As a woman of Puerto Rican descent, I feel compelled to speak for our community, and to educate the uneducated. It is amazing that a member of Congress who has the responsibility for casting votes on behalf of tens of thousands of Americans could be so uninformed about the Constitution. It makes you wonder how many other times her understanding of complex issues has been wrong."


Thursday, February 7, 2008

my year

gung hoy fat choy, rat!
and to all, to be honest.
year: 4-0-7-6.

Monday, February 4, 2008


The media often
counts out the underdog in
its assessments. Why?

Sunday's Giants' win
in the Superbowl was seen
as an upset. Why?

The game was awesome.
Defensive and passionate.
Both teams wanted it!

It was a chess match
that did not crumble to
end in a blowout.

From the singing of
the Star Spangled Banner to
Tom Petty's halftime,

I was pleased. It was
OUR event. Commentators
picked the easy side.

New York and you'll always lose.
New York has mettle.

My hats are off to
Boston who played an awesome
game. But the Son won.

It is our turn to
shine, bask, and celebrate.
For my family.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I promise I have a lot of emotions surrounding my grandmother's funeral, the family dynamics involved, and even the Giants game...but I was introduced to the visage of Mitt Romney tonight due to this invention called "television" and thought he looked awfully similar to a certain mayor of a major west coast city I know... Or at least somehow related...

Or, dude, is it really just me?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


i won! i won! i
received a phone call from dore
stein: "i have tickets."

new yoshi's, cassandra
jazz silk to shield me
from sadness...healing.

her voice, her band was
weaving itself within me
its healing tones so good

silk and percussion
tapping keys and bass and drums
i swum in music

Monday, January 28, 2008

a luz nazario

abuelita? soy
tu nieta, eriqua.
y te quiero.

you let go sunday.
and we are stunned, mamita.
i wasn't ready.

dead where i was born.
in el bronx in the winter
on a sunday you died.

but you were better!
i heard you had asopao
de pollo. you ate!

so you let go and
now there is a loss for us.
we lose an elder.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

chronos = time

showered on me friday and
saturday: music.

an extra ticket?
herbst theater? symphonic?
yes! i will attend!

co-chaperone to
bayview youth i witnessed them
the kronos quartet

normal men with a
love to share the world's music
violins, cello

tears poured down my face
sadness waked with me that day
strings pulled them from me

they drew their bows and
i felt streaks down my cheeks from
the music's quiver

songs from every
corner of the world explained and
played so lovingly

the audience was
filled with adoration from
youth, elders alike

thank you chronos men
for drawing emotion from
me, sharing music

Thursday, January 24, 2008

one drop

the one drop rule is
outmoded and ignorant
and yet adhered to.

news and folks use it
to determine only Black
ancestry here in

the united states.
one drop of black blood makes you Black
but one drop of white?

what about one drop
of asian blood? indian?
and countless others?

the latin label
is off, too. most of us are
puro latino:

indians and blacks
and europeans and some
are also asian

and middle eastern
(shakira) anyone else?
it's flawed the one drop

medically i
want science to know all my
blood lines to treat me

socially i want
all my blood lines recognized.

bifercation of
states and populations needs
to end. we are more

than just two camps here.
we have been since indians
came. america:

asian continent
inhabited by europe
worked on by black slaves

who may have been mixed
(africa is large and is
rather connected

pure blood can be claimed
by populations who have
been isolated

but we rarely have
these populations now. why?
we're humanity.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


marjane satrapi's
persepolis is a gorgeous
film. so beautiful!

the animation
is complex in its layers,
colour scheme and script.

feminine strength told
through many generations:
mother, grandmother.

iran's story told
from a young girl's point of view.
children tell the truth.


dr. king's feast day
fell upon me like the rain
i walked out back pain.

i walked determined
to bless out the demons of
doubt and fear and won.

to feed my
tummy and book store to buy
junot's novel. i am

in this book! latin,
nerdy, bridging the divide...
street academic...

diaz speaks some of me
and it touches me, this street
novel with plantains.

in the evening a
health conductor meeting to
meet and organize

my trio to be
are men dedicated to
harriet tubman.

she delivered slaves
to freedom. first herself then
others. underground.

i join this journey
to save myself. then others.
on to a whole world.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

lo mas importante

the giants just won
against green bay. freezing cold, man!
coach coughlin? well done.

they'll head to glendale
to battle the patriots.
seen the stadium?

can i be real, please?
the university of
phoenix? no campus.

Friday, January 18, 2008

faux green marble

i woke up and the
ogre in the mirror was odd!
the face was puffy!

ah, salt in my sheets.
disturbed dreams. and the dull pain.
god, implicate me!

after the flog comes
release. dying christ gazes down
and, lo! grants thee peace.

faux green marble tile
beneath florescent light beams
leads one to nothing.

they're open eight to three.
my companions? talkin' 'bout
weed, jail, and the man.

how many primaries are left?
oh, quite a few. the people still
are speaking. polls? SHHHHH!!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

normally, i love you

normally i love
kalw for
indepth reporting

but this morning i
was disturbed when you referred
to teachers. not professionals?

the story focused
on Oakland schools: their dropouts
teachers and students

the reporter said teachers
left to seek professional
work: lawyers, doctors.

i'm sorry. teachers
ARE professionals who guide
all to professions!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

computer genius at 4

reversi on the
"t" line with a four year old
is awesome. she rocked!

she tapped the track pad
and moved the mouse easily.
young mac user. awwwww!

the t line went past
wendy's cheesecake bakery.
yes! i want to go there!

this morning steve shared his
new invention: air. it is
GORGEOUS! sleek and light.

i missed today's news
but in retrospect it is
mlk's birthday.

a symbol of honor,
radical change and of love.
because i now dream.

Monday, January 14, 2008

unfair advantage?

the story that has me
most annoyed today is the
amputee athlete.

he can't compete? why?
beijing says it's too unfair!
i think they're not right.

able-bodied me
thinks there's a bias out there
no legs? LET HIM RUN!

the olympics should
have all those willing to win
compete. it's their right!

car accident

the weekend started
well...bad. quick car accident.
my lower back feels bad.

oh well. work to be
done and people to see, you know.
jack bauer all sat/sun.

i wrote and sat in
the sun and played with girl twins
and was beat at chess

i ate a FEAST that
left my tastebuds humming, "MMMMMMMMMM"
friends and food and cats.

sat. night? Q phone call
"raro" pense. good to talk
that voice timbre? wow.

new york? january?
maybe. we'll see. would be nice.
but is it right? hmm.

sunday? lunch with c.
we spoke boricua and ate
pasteles. muy bien!

did russell get to
drink coquito? i HOPE SO!
libations for laughs!

but my back hurts, still.
car accident from friday.
i'll call the doctor.

Friday, January 11, 2008

children of immigrants

I'm an immigrant
by proxy. mom and dad came
via their parents.

from a warm island
they arrived. new york city!
big manzana ciudad!

last night i laughed so
hard listening to stories
of immigrant kids.

comedians told
stories in funny accents
just like my parents.

being brown gives you
perspective in the world that's
different. it's true.

ever translate your
family's traditions to
your friends? no? it's fun!

we eat this food and
we speak this way it's so cool!
don't you? no? why not?

My mommy kisses
me goodnight and tells me her
country's prayers to Dios.

Superstitions, too!
Lightning? Santa Barbara!
American? Que?

We dance this way and
we celebrate these feast days!
Don't you? No? Why not?

Poor thing. You only
got St. Patty's day? Irish?
What's your tradition?

I'll share mine and you'll
share yours. Come to my house and
eat rice and beans. Ven!

We love so much in
my family. We show it
a lot. I FEEL it.

I'm lucky to be me.
Boricuas appreciate
ev'ryone's culture!

russell peters and corey fernandez

last night i drove in
the rain from San Francisco
to Oakland to SJ.

i wanted to see
russell peters and to laugh.
his characters rock.

but i was surprised
to see a boricua, too!
corey fernandez!

represent new york!
go 'head, corey! tell the world!
we new yorkers? real!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

are you sure you're qualified if...?

"you can be what you
want to be" is what they said
to me growing up.

bright brown eyes, brown skin.
they weren't lying, of course not!
adults mean the truth.

so if they were not
twisting the truth why are they
asking if she can win?

or asking if he
can win?
weren't they little kids
at desks, too? great kids!

the adults said, "maybe
someday you'll grow up to be
president!" (to all!)

there were no footnotes
to the brown, black, red, yellow...
"wait...except for you."


beck is a cancer
and 37. genius.
lunch? because you're cool.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

nh primary & other news

ha ha ha RAIN! ha!
elvis' birthday is today
and the vote goes on

last week? iowa:
obama and huckabee.
this week? who's to tell?

clinton or barak?
mac-attack? these primaries are
a long race to run

we're tired of the games
coke and pepsi politics.
who's up for water?

there's still great news to
be learned and shared. other than
what's poured in our ears.

son of bhutto is
a young gentleman to lead
pakistan's party

strikes' still on, people.
no golden globes. we stand strong!

the pen is mighty
and will not stand to be shunned.
give 'em a good deal!

Monday, January 7, 2008


los reyes magos
me han trayeron el sol
que bien! bonita luz!

fui al cine y
BOO! me di un susto con
el orfanato!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


little man, eli
why did you wake up so ill?
your dad called early!

little black cat is
so shy usually and
today he was just there.

poor thing! we love you!
we'll take care of you because
you're the little one.

rainy days make for
great reading days. this book will
end! i swear to G-d!

obama's win on
thursday means what? cleaner air?
change? maybe. maybe not.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

iowa caucus

today the fight REALLY
begins. in iowa with
the caucuses' vote.

only two parties
are given attention here
dems and repubs. why?

the political
machine doesn't like others
involved. squeeze 'em out!

who will get the vote?
huckabee? obama? who?
ten percent chose them.

while i know voting
doesn't make government whole
it's a part of it!

new que?

kenyan riots kill
what is going on? where's the
peace, people? more peace!

i began by fling-
ing my coconut into
the ocean and let

go of 0-7. YES!
i watched the moon. she winked and
the waves poured hope on.

i sat and poured salt
and roses onto the beach
and prayed for world peace.

i sat and prayed for
my soul to arise from the
dark so i could fly.

to family and
friends and strangers alike i
wish for peace and good.

let us see ourselves
in eachother and show care