Friday, January 11, 2008

children of immigrants

I'm an immigrant
by proxy. mom and dad came
via their parents.

from a warm island
they arrived. new york city!
big manzana ciudad!

last night i laughed so
hard listening to stories
of immigrant kids.

comedians told
stories in funny accents
just like my parents.

being brown gives you
perspective in the world that's
different. it's true.

ever translate your
family's traditions to
your friends? no? it's fun!

we eat this food and
we speak this way it's so cool!
don't you? no? why not?

My mommy kisses
me goodnight and tells me her
country's prayers to Dios.

Superstitions, too!
Lightning? Santa Barbara!
American? Que?

We dance this way and
we celebrate these feast days!
Don't you? No? Why not?

Poor thing. You only
got St. Patty's day? Irish?
What's your tradition?

I'll share mine and you'll
share yours. Come to my house and
eat rice and beans. Ven!

We love so much in
my family. We show it
a lot. I FEEL it.

I'm lucky to be me.
Boricuas appreciate
ev'ryone's culture!

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