Monday, January 14, 2008

car accident

the weekend started
well...bad. quick car accident.
my lower back feels bad.

oh well. work to be
done and people to see, you know.
jack bauer all sat/sun.

i wrote and sat in
the sun and played with girl twins
and was beat at chess

i ate a FEAST that
left my tastebuds humming, "MMMMMMMMMM"
friends and food and cats.

sat. night? Q phone call
"raro" pense. good to talk
that voice timbre? wow.

new york? january?
maybe. we'll see. would be nice.
but is it right? hmm.

sunday? lunch with c.
we spoke boricua and ate
pasteles. muy bien!

did russell get to
drink coquito? i HOPE SO!
libations for laughs!

but my back hurts, still.
car accident from friday.
i'll call the doctor.

1 comment:

Karen said...

E, that sucks about the accident. I hope you recover soon. You might even consider acupuncture?

Gentle hugs and prayers are pouring your way. xox