Thursday, January 24, 2008

one drop

the one drop rule is
outmoded and ignorant
and yet adhered to.

news and folks use it
to determine only Black
ancestry here in

the united states.
one drop of black blood makes you Black
but one drop of white?

what about one drop
of asian blood? indian?
and countless others?

the latin label
is off, too. most of us are
puro latino:

indians and blacks
and europeans and some
are also asian

and middle eastern
(shakira) anyone else?
it's flawed the one drop

medically i
want science to know all my
blood lines to treat me

socially i want
all my blood lines recognized.

bifercation of
states and populations needs
to end. we are more

than just two camps here.
we have been since indians
came. america:

asian continent
inhabited by europe
worked on by black slaves

who may have been mixed
(africa is large and is
rather connected

pure blood can be claimed
by populations who have
been isolated

but we rarely have
these populations now. why?
we're humanity.

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