Tuesday, January 22, 2008


marjane satrapi's
persepolis is a gorgeous
film. so beautiful!

the animation
is complex in its layers,
colour scheme and script.

feminine strength told
through many generations:
mother, grandmother.

iran's story told
from a young girl's point of view.
children tell the truth.


dr. king's feast day
fell upon me like the rain
i walked out back pain.

i walked determined
to bless out the demons of
doubt and fear and won.

to feed my
tummy and book store to buy
junot's novel. i am

in this book! latin,
nerdy, bridging the divide...
street academic...

diaz speaks some of me
and it touches me, this street
novel with plantains.

in the evening a
health conductor meeting to
meet and organize

my trio to be
are men dedicated to
harriet tubman.

she delivered slaves
to freedom. first herself then
others. underground.

i join this journey
to save myself. then others.
on to a whole world.

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