Sunday, April 13, 2008

my friends

i am now listed
on a huge variety
of friend-sites and why?

since the early days
of friendster i've noticed my
social life inverted

more time online and
pimping the profile has changed
my real face time

friends have become these
two-dimensional lists of
their preferences

i miss their voices
and actual presence. we
used to hang out, yo!

now my friends are their
thumbnails, up-to-date goings-on,
pokes and online nows!

if the internet
crashed for a day or two or
even three what then, folks?

would we make a call?
would we hang out? might we hike?
i dare ask. i do.

1 comment:

Goodness! said...

I miss you bunches, too.

Hey, can you let me know your mailing address so I can mail you some upcoming stuff?