Monday, April 7, 2008

147 lbs

I have been feeling
not myself lately. The clothes
haven't been fitting.

Since my grandmother's
death in January I
haven't been healthy.

I've been eating more
crap than usual. And I
notice it. Snacks BAD!

So when I put on
my pants for that time when I
retain water last week?

Oooo...I cringed. They were
TIGHT. Normally they fall off
the they're tight.

And other pants are hard
to put on. The chins expand.
Time to be mindful

I'm supposedly
training again. Thirteen miles.
I haven't done crap.

I've been depressed. And
that means no movement. Just sleep.
And eat. And it shows.

No surprise to step
on the scale and see it's face.
1-4-7. I gained.

I gained what I lost.
And that's sad for me. So
here we go...water!

Drink water. Eat better.
These are simple choices. And
I can walk more. Sure!

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