Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pay Your Teachers More

Here's the deal-i-o:
Just TODAY there have been two

This morning something
menstrual was mis-handled
They called a meeting.

This afternoon during
math a poor soul vomited.
The students stayed focused!

But, still, there is puke
on the floor in the classroom.
This is our future.

In a medical
profession, bio-hazards
are compensated.

As a classroom teacher?
Not so much. Plus you must teach.
Imagine it. No?

Invest in a classroom.
Provide it paper, pens, tools
for success, even.

Expectations you
have for YOUR workplace provide
for in the classroom.

You want the future
to work with technology?
Then fund technology.

Improve facilities.
Fix broken windows. It makes
a HUGE difference.

Google would not be
so successful if it was
in a broke-down place.

Medical science
would never explore if it
had dirty labs, right?

Kids feel this, adults.
They remember how things are.
They know adults, too.

Kids hold us to our
promises. They remember.
Invest in a classroom.


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Thanks. =) And I raise you one A-Frackin'-MEN!

Peace to the Northwest!