Tuesday, March 11, 2008

wide brimmed

beware the wide-brimmed
hat, my dear. it will allure.
hiding one's eyes, love?

my giddiness has
to do with talking on the
phone til midnight. hee!

new stories! new tales!
who are you? where are you from?
how did you arrive?

and, honestly, when
is conversation about
Mary Poppins cool?

Yet it happened! I
am intrigued, of course. My peers
don't often discuss

Ms. Poppins with me. She
is a personal hero
of mine. I envy her.

I envy her voice:
clear, honest, strong, beautiful.
Mary, queen of all.

1 comment:

pescador said...

hola eriqua
como andas?
vine de visita y me encuentro con tus expresivos textos