Thursday, January 19, 2006

quickly... the last 24 hours...

1) Dictionary Day with the Heroes Kids was AWESOME
2) Got some admin work stuff on the website. Yay.
3) Touched base about the retreat next week. Still unclear, but I feel good about starting the food thing.
4) Found out about a Tech Fellowship. YAY!!!!
5) Found out about One Economy opportunities. YAY!!!!
6) Had a great meeting with John and Ray. YAY!!!!
7) No Child Left Behind Meeting had AWESOME content and contacts, YAY!!!!
8) Hung out with wifey Michelle and ate pasteles. YAY!!!!
9) Happy Birthday dance for Joe, YAY!!!!
10) Catch up conference with O, YAY!!!!
11) THE CATS ARE HUGE!!!!!! YAY!!!!
12) Woke up at 5:30 so I could shower and Yoga before heading to Luther Burbank for volunteering with Tech Tales...and it's 7:12 and traffic sucks, so I gotta go.

Love me! Peace! Outtie!

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