Monday, January 9, 2006

sum skrimp

vietnamese coconut battered shrimp has to be one of life's fabulous sublimities.

for my appetizer this evening, i ventured upon these from the restaurant on webster. i feel like they are always open for me, because i am usually the only one in the restaurant. a grey-haired man always asks me about work, and a woman, who i believe to be his partner, is always friendly to me. a young woman serves me and we exchange smiles, but not much else.

the decor isn't much, but there are smatterings of Vietnamese art here and there. I always appreciate the service and the specials. I feel a little at home, because it reminds me of eating in the parent's house of my former fiance. I always loved his mother's cooking, even if they didn't care for me as the potential love interest of their son. I wasn't vietnamese and I didn't hide the fact and they didn't always hide the fact of their disapproval. Hell, my ex didn't always hide the fact of his disapproval. This is something that I am grappling with. Stuck in the question, "why?"

Perhaps he just wasn't that into me...gotta get that book.

The story is not boo-hoo by any stretch of the imagination. We're still friends. Being in the same place definitely brought out the flaws of our relationship and better to know that sooner than before anything serious happened. if you're not "good enough" on one level, certainly the whole "life long partnership" thing seems right out. occasionally i hurt about it. not because he and i didn't work out, but occasionally i just feel sh!tty about how people can categorically dismiss other people because of blatant or not so blatant differences.

the catholic church may have raised me with weird beliefs on one thing or another, but the brilliant commandment: "love one another" strikes me as the simplest 3 words ever uttered together. it's pretty treat people well, people treat you's a win-win situation.

i really don't get why people don't get that.

i also don't get why my landlord's mangy dog chews on herself so much. her sister sasha is a mellow, beautiful dog. maya (although her name is gorgeous) is a scary, wirey, crazy-eyed mutt. i think she's carrying avian bird flu. i STAY the hell away from her.

diane and craig are back, but while i was waiting at the park and dial portion of the oakland international airport i was listening to the bbc reporting a story about hajj and how some muslims in indonesia were buying their sacrificial animals via ATM. Hrm. on a lark i thought i would call the o to see how the pmp transplant to phoenix might be going.

well, it sounds less than ideal. stuck between strip malls and large chains does not seem to be the most stimulating spot for our friend o to land. his hr department seems to have him in the dark and his gym is nowhere near where his hotel is.

the workday sounds like it will regularly average 12 hours. and his coworkers sound like they're not the most welcoming crew. it doesn't sound like a vacation. no kitchenette in the hotel room...the man needs a meal prepared by family or friends.

bendito, and he just sounded tired. moving your life in a week does that to you.

we're sending positive vibes, papito. that's all i have to say. the sneufleueu crew will create a rescue mission if we deem it necessary, but i know you'll do just fine. you've got that darwinian gumption to adapt.

oy vey...tomorrow is an EARLY day...volunteering, new coworker (who is an old coworker), and working with sara on website stuff. should be a party. i feel ridiculously unprepared because i didn't even take a gander at the drop down menu code...phooey. i'll create some comps for her, though.

it's monday and tomorrow i need to do two sets of poses because i just did basic breaths this morning.

reclaiming...reclaiming...reclaiming of the me.
reclaiming...reclaiming...reorganizing the beautiful me.
relcaiming of the me.

(a short poem as an ode to me)

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