Friday, January 27, 2006

freitag, leute!

und ist sehr gut!

good morning. i didn't get to write it last night but our day 1 of our retreat was pretty cool. i stayed on for dinner (cause god knows i didn't have food or funds) and watched hitch again, which is a really cute romantic comedy that makes me wonder..."huh? i wonder how many people's first dates include jet skiing to ellis island, a personal tour of the museum and the finding of one's ancestors in the registry?"

i would LOVE to surprise someone like that! hee hee. that was fun to comment on romance like that with a few women and then return home. once i was in phone range i got 2 from stephen morales, a long lost friend and we joke that we're cousins. i met him at a comedy sportz workshop 5 years ago and we connected on the east coast/morales thing. we're probably furthest thing from related...he could pass as a tall white irish guy and, well, i can't. =) totally awesome, though. stephen took me boarding for the second time in my life and i remember how wise he was...super intelligent man. was engineering equipment for internal / cardial medicinal use...he recently got his mba and shot me an email because i was in his outlook and he googled me to see what i was up to. random! cool to reconnect with folks.

anyway...he was on his way to europe and left me a message before the plane took off. good to hear his voice. funny how the brain can recognize things even after years of not being exposed to them. i guess he and i will catch up when he's back from across the atlantic.

the second message was from a sniffly wifey michelle. she's still under the weather...=( wah. but i called back and wondered if it was still too late for girl time, and it wasn't. superbien! super yay.

and i got some mediciney stuff for her and stopped by and over tea and cheesecake factory chocolatey cake we got to catch up. i got a little teary reviewing my lessons for the week...discovering that my facing my fears is all about me testing my courage. i need to open my mouth and test it a lot more than i am doing now and i am on the upswing in that. (yay!)

it was good. and the cats! whoa! the cats are huge!

her friend recently gave birth a little sooner than anticipated and we discussed the miracle of science to help low-weight babies. wow. supercool.


and her friend called to check in and i got a call from kwesi, so we split briefly to have our phone conversations.

kwesi is a brotherman from beantown new to the bay and we met at the new years bombazo.

at the bombazo discussed bay versus boston, the after school program he's involved in and capoiera. i'm organizing a film festival for youth (hopefully slated for this year!) and he's had experience doing that. SO...yeah, gotta connect and network?

over the last month as i've allowed my turmoil to dictate my life i haven't been able to connect, but last night we made tentative plans...he might be helping me move on sunday or we're going to kick it at luka's on thursday to discuss film fest and stuff. coolio.

last night we laughed over some of the silly racial things that sometimes brown people deal the classification of skin color, the "what you mixed with?" phenomenon, what it means to be "black" and what it means to be puerto rican...
he had me in stitches and i dig the man is very much himself and always addresses me as "sis".

no one's ever called me, "sis" before. part of me wanted to be offended by it, but i'm really not. it's kinda cool.

tee hee.

landlord's daughter is speaking on the phone with her phone card company. making calls to mexico can be a challenge, i suppose.

i'm excited about day 2 of retreating! tonight we bowl! today we discuss our plan of attack for moving our organization forward.

erika is hungry and wants breakfast!


off to drive to alamo!

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