Tuesday, February 14, 2006

valentine's day

good morning. happy valentine's day. hope you acknowledged whomever makes your life decent in some way, as i am sure you do every other day, because you're a conscious individual who knows to be cool to others. it's another gorgeous day with a beautiful blue sky.
the dogs have already done their ferocious barking. my roommate has already cleared his lungs of the mucus within and i have done my asanas for the day listening to blu magazine's album #12. it happens to feature women artists.

it is no longer published, but it did feature news from a more global perspective and always included an album of non-mainstream artists. some of them may have gone mainstream, like "the life" by mystic, a rap artist from oakland and "enough is enough" by chumbawumba.

my legs are still trembling from my warrior ii pose. it's been a little over two weeks since i have done a set. but it feels good to have done it.

i am now debating on what to wear today. i will be going to work and then going to a pillow fight. what would emily post have me wear?

i realize that in the last two days i've been treated to the words of some pretty wise women. maritza, frances, and denise reminded me to believe in being beautiful. and cynthia and fumi reminded me to continue pushing back against the negative voices. if i keep practice, they'll be outvoiced by the positive. thank you.

okay, megababe's "trailer park" is making me smile. gotta get dressed and out the door. (i can't find a link to the american band megababe, but apparently there's a cool japanese punk band by the same name. i'll plug 'em. why not?

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