Monday, February 20, 2006

If You Want to Be a Successful Leader - Have Courage.

This is what my Yogi Bhajan calendar says today for Presidents' Day.

I woke up at 9 am and lazed in my bed until 10:30 pondering the day's possibilities. (This is my fantasy bed. I want a sleigh bed when I get my grown up own space/house. I am hoping to rope in my friend Dave or Mike to make it for me.)

It's sunny outside and my room is still half-populated with boxes. I am meeting a violin teacher today at 2 pm and then I was going to have a house meeting with my roomie to discuss the quirks of the house that the landlord can help out with (getting the outlet for the dryer, the paperthin backdoor, the missing tiles in the bathroom...) and house expectations.

But then I receive an email from Mr. Chris that he's celebrating his dinner at Spices II for his birthday. Well then, I will cook another time and we will go to Spices II and I will discuss how wrapping one's leg around one's roommate, massaging her shoulders, and being able to hear the surround sound movie show in the living room from her room is not how I envisioned this living arrangement.

I showered and attacked the sink with the baking soda/vinegar/boiling water solution to clear the drain.

I know I'm an impatient woman, but nothing seems to be happening.

The bubbling from the chemical reaction between the vinegar and baking soda was cool. That gave me false hope, though. We'll see in a few hours.

I haven't done yoga yet today or taken my 13 pills for the day, BUT I have done my share of clearing cobwebs. There seems to be 13 years worth of cobwebs in this house.

I enjoy character and history. But one should not be removing curtains of cobwebs. That's just neglect. (Unless he's been using them as insulation all these years since he disconnected the heater.)

I have a dab of toothpase on my nose because after ProActiv-ing I noticed a little whitehead making its appearance. Friggin'-A. Marylin McCoo (former hostess of Solid Gold, after Andy Gibb) noted it as a remedy in an article I read once. I believe her. She is beautiful.

I also engaged in line drying this morning, because I can't NOT have clean clothes.

Um, so there's a fixed pulley system in the backyard. One end is affixed to the house and the other is affixed to a tree. There is about 30 feet of line looped around these pulleys and you pull the line in, drape your clothes on it and push the line to free space to put MORE clothing on it.


There is a stopper on our system, so I had to figure that out. After a few trials I figured out the space I needed for my 4 items of clothing I can publicly display flapping in the wind. My underwear is hanging off a clever hanger in my room that has hooks all over the place. It'll be a few days before I can use them, but thanks to all of my undie gifts lately, I have enough underwear for 3 weeks now! I think I own 21 pair! It's the most underwear I've ever had in my life. And I think I have been given 10 bras, now! No more flappy breasts if I don't want to! This is a boon to my bustline!

A special Happy Life Day to Mr. Chris. I met him in 1999. Houman introduced me to him and I remember him having green hair for Burning Man. He also gave me a lovely mix cd that introduced me to Beth Lisick for my birthday. He's Velvet Einstein, a lovely host. Mr. Chris never seems to need anything, but is a kick-ass ice cream maker. Has a penchant for random movies, music, and for traveling. Chris's curly blonde cajun hair, quiet demeaner, and wicked sense of humor make him my favourite piscean today.

Special shouts to the following fabulous people who've helped me through the dark mood this past week and have been patient guiding me to the light: Fumi, Michelle, Denise, Sara, Solomon, Cynthia, Kwesi, Ameena, Lisa, Anita, Omer, Dancho, Herb, Poncho Sanchez, and Xavier for re-recording "Gimme the Night" in that happy-go-lucky club-pop kinda way.

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