Monday, February 27, 2006

Malvern, PA

Goodness, just got back from a weekend with my best friend from college, her hubby, baby-in-tummy named "Tucker", the Dragoun clan, the Silber clan, and the feeling one gets when one is nostalgic for home.

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend. I have pics and will share once I get to a place where I can upload 'em!


A Happy, Refreshed with Perspective Erika


O said...

Good to hear you had some moments to rejuvenate and find some peace again. :) Old friends have a way of doing that.

wrki said...

OMG! I think you're my second comment. The first was some dude from Lastfm who was cheering me up last month. Yay!

Yeah, tres good times. They want me to move back there and become a paper jockey with a financial corp.

I, too, could return to the chocolate chip in the cookie life, make enough to own a home, and perhaps still be considered the "old maid" since I haven't popped out two kids before the ripe ol' age of 33. Ah, but I'll rant about that later...

Thanks for stopping by =)