Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Someone called me ugly online...and Nancy is joining us...

Boo to person who called me ugly on Youtube. I just put up an Obama video, that's all.

But in a note of cuteness...I visited the rest room on Sunday at Corpus Christi Church before running back home. A little girl, her mom, and her sister Nancy were handling their business in the stall next to me. The little girl asked her mother if Nancy had to use the potty, too. Her mother replied yes and also remarked that Nancy was going to learn how to use the potty this summer by herself.

"Really?" replied the girl, all excited. "This summer? TOMORROW?" implored the little girl.


Karen said...

Oh Lord, E, don't sweat the cyberhaters who so often cower behind cyperanonymity in order to let their adolescent stupidity run free.

Some little dweeb got catty with me on the ONE video I posted. One dweeb, but I was favorited twice!

Consider this a cyber-IOU for a real hug the next time I see you, which, God willing will be sometime this summer when I move back to Cali!

wrki said...

Thank you, mamita.

I have to say my ego was a little bruised. I never said I was [insert hot woman o' the moment here], but it does hurt when someone calls ya' ugly. It was used in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, too. Am I socialized as a girl or what?

wrki said...

Mean person apologized. He said it was a joke. That was nice.

Karen said...

Mean person needs to go to comedian school. I'd recommend the one that Borat went to, but I don't know if it went out of business or just sued him, like everyone else in the film.

BTW, your School House Rock assignment sounds awesome! I may have to borrow that one!