Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Brain Pain and the Last King of Scotland

Man, my head's been thumping all day.

I ran last night and ate a fulfilling dinner.

I even made eggs for breakfast this morning, but about 2 hours into a review meeting for my project my brain SCREAMED for sustenance.

What is UP with my head lately? Does training cause such an imbalance?

So I ravenously ate a vegan lunch with plenty of tofu and vegetables and got to work updating the computer lab at the school...and it's two hours later and my brain is once again humming for some sustenance. Just above and behind my ears. I have no idea what centers of the brain these are at the moment, because recall is a difficult skill to recall at this moment...
damn. Ouch.

The Parkway Theater is playing The Last King of Scotland tonight at 7 pm. Forrest Whitaker rocks the Casbah.

The performance is supposed to be outstanding and Idi Amin is one of those characters who was alive and well in my early years. I wasn't really aware of his role and impact on the world until much later.

Mmmm...couch, popcorn with Brewer's Yeast, and a hot tea.

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