Thursday, March 8, 2007

8 March - International Women's Day

You are a woman.

Perhaps you came into the world as a woman.

Perhaps you sang your way from your mother.

Perhaps you cried your hunger until you were fed.

You did not hide your voice
or your needs
There is no shame in your needs.

Communicate clearly!
You are a woman!

You come from generations upon generations
of nurturing, creating, refinining, and sacrifice.

Because of you we have a measure of beauty.

Because of you we have an insistence for justice.

Because of you the world must take pause
and take note of all that is precious.

Thank you for your songs, your shouting, your silence, your strength, your traditions.

Thank you for your laughter, your meals, your dancing, and keeping the hearth.

Thank you for taking and upholding your birthright as a woman.

~ epm, "You are a woman" 08.mar.07

Yours in sisterhood,


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