Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ghost Rider...

Last King of Scotland was sold out, so I went to the Grand Lake Theater instead. Ghost Rider was playing.

I was the only one in the theater until the previews came on.

Then two more people joined in.

There's free wifi here, which is cool.

Much like Daredevil, this Marvel interpretation fell a little short, but was enjoyable. A little cliche and a little creepy with the whole selling soul to the devil business.
Nicholas Cage is fun, and it's wild to see the same chick from Hitch as the love interest in this film. She also plays a reporter again, but this reporter is not nearly as engaging. Her breasts feature prominently throughout the film.

The Dark Angels from the different elements of nature were a cool twist on the evil angel thing, too. I'll have the check the comic book for more comparisons.

The previews for Spiderman 3 look AWESOME and I cannot wait to swoon over Tobey Maguire again this summer.

He's just dreamy.


Roger Williams said...

That's a shame, because The Last King of Scotland was highly entertaining.

Disclosure alert: You know I have an unhealthy interest in dictators.

Roger Williams said...

While we're talking about Marvel Comics, have I mentioned how mad I am that they've decided to kill my man Captain America?