Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Run/Walk - 1 Hour+

I am RULER of Park Avenue!

Heh, tonight after my mind was blown away by the content and performances in The Last King of Scotland, Christine dropped me back off at home and I ran.

After seeing the sociopath dictator Amin cast his sunshine on some of his subjects and his shadow on others, I needed to clear my head.

Earlier in the run I chose some happy, Brazilian tracks to lighten my step. To my surprise I was crossing over 580 sooner than I had anticipated and with less gravity pulling my legs down.

My thighs are still ample and I feel them jiggling beneath me with a little extra ripple with each step, but my strength is increasing. I am not as winded as I have been earlier in the program.

I ran further up Park Avenue. The view of Oakland was amazing and I got closer to the Mormon temple. Not sure what that means.

On the way back I ran out further so I could listen to more music. As I crossed the small bridge over 580 I saw my shadow large against the freeway.

That felt powerful.

Today feels okay. My aunt, sister, and mami were together in mami's new apartment. I had an accupuncture appointment, and had the day off. Christine came over with dinner and the we filled our brains with The Last King of Scotland.

Malaise has gone underground again.

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