Wednesday, October 11, 2006

They Broke Her Driver Side Window

I stopped by the tow yard to release my vehicle. She was in a grave yard of vehicles.
Someone ate bad food in a styrofoam container in my car. Someone left a black hoodie and a pair of jeans in my car. Someone left the remnants of a stereo in my car.

I feel totally violated.

There was the junk yard dog. There was a section of town that prosperity never came to and people's little houses towered by spikey fences to keep whatever was inside protected from those who might take it.

I never want to live in a gated community. Ever.

For those who stole my car, I hope you enjoyed your joy ride and when you are caught I want you to volunteer with me. I think jail is stupid, but I think work-based projects help us understand our communities better.

1 comment:

Roger Williams said...

If by "work" you mean "work over their thieving asses with a tire iron", I'm inclined to agree with you.