Monday, October 16, 2006

Doing Laundry to Get the Sick Smell Out

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Jesus, I sound like an unhealthy Kathryn Hepburn.

I spent today resting, reading, drinking tea and juice and water, and sitting in my living room sunbeam. I opted not to go to work today. My hacking is reduced, which is nice, but when will my laryngitis end? I sound like a monster.

I miss the sound of my voice. I actually usually like the warmth of my voice. I feel as if someone has taken glass shards to my voice box and has altered it. When I speak people's first response is "You sound awful."

I know.

Usually there's sunshine in my voice. Now? Now sounds are hard to hold, so it sounds as if I am speaking robotically. Laughter sounds artificial.

It's very strange. My body is definitely less tired. I am taking my full complement of multi-vitamin, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Zinc Lozenge, a Goldenseal throat thing, an Umka cold care dropper thing and lots of spicy lemonade, teas, water...not sure what else the body requires.

I'm tired of the whirring of the humidifier now. I am almost done with Zadie Smith's On Beauty.

And I wake about every 3 hours to cough a little bit, spit into my sink and marvel at the colours, and then back to bed.

This morning I managed to stretch a little yoga. My back aches, but it felt good to stretch a little bit. I notice my lung capacity is short.

Long breaths are not easily accomplished.

But I don't feel that sick. The lethargy is gone. The cough is drying out. Aches are gone. But my voice is soooo ill sounding.

A friend of mine said to go to the doctor. And I thought about the couple of weeks I am lacking coverage right about now. That was my gamble switching jobs.

It's real. And then there's the friend who says to go to a free clinic. I've waited on line for those. I'm not motivated enough to sit outside for 2 hours for one of the coveted slots.

I would LOVE a diagnosis. That's totally true. Man, I wish I had the medical hook-up right now.

For now, I'm doing laundry at Woody's Laundry with my Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena Laundry Soap and having a Numi chai at the Prism Cafe in Oakland. No oppression. Trying to be normal.

Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Were you offered COBRA from your last job? You have 60 days to elect it - and I don't think your 60 days has ended. You may want to consider paying for COBRA until your new insurance kicks in.


Karen said...

Hmm... no new posts... I hope you are feeling better E! XOXO, Karen