Thursday, October 5, 2006

Nose Drippage Sucks

I'm doing the classic nose plug with tissue move so I don't soak my face with snot as I sleep.

My nose is running a marathon.

Sure, I can't run to save my life, but my nose can do the Boston. It's so unfair.

The cold/flu/bug/whatever has progressed so that my internal thermostat isn't f-ing with me.
Last night I'd wake up every 3 hours putting more blankets on or tearing them off. I was sweating and freezing. I took aspirin and drank water.


This morning I felt a little better. Less woozy and tonight I treated myself to This Film Is Not Yet Rated at the Parkway to get the lazing on the couch experience you need when you're sick.

Thankfully I spent no money on popcorn because I have NO SENSE OF TASTE whatsoever.

This is tortuous for a foodie (just count the chins) who digs on flavourful food.

We are on the road to recovery, though. We have to be...the police found my car, which can only be an omen for GOOD things!

Woot. (Cough, cough.)



Roger Williams said...

Was there anything left of your car by the time The Man found it? If so, you're pretty lucky because most cars nowadays are chopped into pieces once they're stolen. It would appear that you've bucked the odds again!

wrki said...

I haven't seen Jane yet. The fingers are crossed that crackheads did not do the proverbial "bathroom and kitchen" remodel to Pinp My Ride.

Thankfully, as the officer said, Saturns are not usually used for chopping, only for joyriding. They are cute cars, but I would agree that an urban pilferer would not see them as "hyphy" ride. Here's an example where average has helped me.


Roger Williams said...

Saturns, like most affordable sedans, are stolen like crazy. My girlfriend found hers on cinderblocks out here in the ghetto, minus the drivers side rims. The Man said he wasn't a bit surprised - only Toyotas and Hondas are hotter targets.

"Bathroom and kitchen"? I filled in the blanks, there. Let's HOPE not. Nothing would ever get the odor out.

wrki said...

i know...big time ickiness