Monday, October 30, 2006

Devil's Night

Next week it will be the night before the elections in the United States. Parties all over the continent will be marching to their particular candidate. Media will focus on the obvious winners and losers. Ballots, electronic and paper will be distributed.

Some may be told they cannot vote. Some may be told they can vote and their votes will get lost in the ether.

Lots of advertising companies will be excited about their spoils from advertising that paints candidates as adversaries, as opposed to expert men and women poised to take on the responsibility for representing their constituencies.

But it's THIS week.

I'm catsitting in Pacifica and two of the most adorable cats cuddle with me as I sleep. They protect my toes and walk on my chest to massage me awake. They meow and talk to me in their feline language. I do my best to oblige them. I am not well-versed in feline.

The peace of the morning in Pacifica was moderately disturbed this morning by the cue of traffic at 7:45 am as I tried to escape the hilly paradise to head eastward along the 80 to head to San Lorenzo. Making it more of a challenge is the limited radio in the car until I crested the hill. Mostly static.

That tried my patience.

Or was it the conversation with the private investigator who asked me what he should do with the key to my car. Since he's working with my insurance agency and they picked the car up almost 2 weeks ago, I would have thought they would have commiserated on the car.

My mistake.

Perhaps it was the Oakland Police Department that ruffled my feathers. The private investigator told me that someone had been arrested from the car theft. I called the police department to follow up and they said they had no futher lead on the investigation. When I said the private investigator had told me otherwise, I was transferred to an officer's filled voice mail box.

Now, if there is a person responsible for the car theft in their custody my human side wants to talk to them...ask them what was going on that night...tell them what a fright they caused me, tell them I miss my kites, tell them I had an otter puppet in the trunk as a housewarming gift to a friend...ask them why they left clothes and a food container in the car. I want them to volunteer with me on a housebuild and I want to know their story...what led them to take my car...

or is that naive of me?


Roger Williams said...

Dreadfully naive. You should be asking them how they'd like it if you drove your car straight up their ass. Then again, you're a Democrat, so there's that compassion thing.

wrki said...

Oh I am hurt by that comment. I do NOT claim a party. Democrats have as many problems as Republicans. I am an independent with progressive tendencies, for sure...but I vote like I grocery shop and if you know me, then you know I'm not at any major grocery stores...

Roger Williams said...

Good point. Cheerfully withdrawn!

O said...

But I thought Rainbow WAS a major grocery store! Or is that naive of me?


wrki said...

oh NO you didn't!

*illustrative head wag*