Friday, October 27, 2006

God, Please Make My Insides Right

Okay, so last night I went home fairly early and nestled up in my bed about 7 pm after tidying up a corner and finding lots of recycling from letters of solicitation from products I would never use. That was excellent.

I went on to reading On Beauty for about 3 hours and then I felt a little tummy gurgling.

"Hrm," I thought and I kept reading about Howard Belsey and Victoria Kipps. He was having a bad reaction to a glee club that was hilarious to read. I laughed out loud.

The gurgle returned.

Mind you...yesterday's consumption consisted of Judy's Love Stick whole wheat bread, swiss cheese, japanese vegetables, red bananas, and water.

I'm slowly coming back to eating solid food after being sick for God knows how long.

The gurgle became a terrible stomach knot. Terrible.

I brought my book on nutritional healing and took my royal seat, wincing from the stomach pain. For about an hour and a half I tried gentle yoga poses to wrench out this excutiating cramp. I laid down, I laid on my side, I sat up, I drank water.

I prayed to God. I began to sweat.

I was uncomfortable.

I found my charcoal from my December bout with bowel discomfort. I struggled unscrewing the camp and shaking out two black tablets from the bottle.

Raising my arm to get a tea cup from the cupboard seemed like I was drawing and quartering my body.

I managed to fill the cup with lukewarm water and consumed the charcoal.

I still had to wait 20 minutes through some pain insanity.

My body released the demons it encased. The cramping subsided. The gurgling ended.

And I wondered what the hell it was that caused me such a moment of discomfort.

I also realized that I must be in my 30s because body discomforts seem to be on my mind and how to stave them off is high on my list of to dos.

I would have finished my book, too, if it hadn't had been for my little episode.

No offense to Ms. Zadie Smith, who's birthday is today. She's the author of White Teeth and On Beauty and her book has been my bedfellow for these past 3 weeks.

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Karen said...

Ugh... so it would appear that our tummies are kindred souls.

Charcoal? I guess I'll try that next.