Sunday, October 8, 2006

Armenian Lentil Soup and Mulled Red Wine for Laryngitis

Good evening.

Somehow the internet it back this evening. That's comforting.

I've been home most of the day, save for a trip to Farmer Joe's for missing ingredients I needed for this week's lunch: Armenian Lentil Soup.

The Moosewood recipe I'm doing this week is a hearty lentil soup with sauteed onions, eggplant, tomato, cinnamon, nutmeg, and other fabulous spices that have tantalized my nose.

My chest is no longer congested, but I am so tired from this past week of flu and all the hacking, sneezing, achiness, and nasal drip that goes along with it.

For some reason, I've had events since Thursday night and I treated myself to Wednesday to a movie because I wanted to relax on a couch. My appetite was minimal last night at Mitzi's birthday party, but I did manage to enjoy Chinese broccoli, sizzling rice soup, and some other dishes with lots of veggies and spice to help clear up the chest and nasal passages.

Yesterday the drippage stopped. This was nice. No more nasal plugs. But my energy level was totally drained.

I went to my doctor's appointment at 9 am, and in my snot-brained state I managed to lock my keys inside Fumi's car. The sickening lock of the door and then the moment of panic afterwards made me realize I needed to slow down.

I went up to my doctor's appointment and told her what was up and she let me use her phone to call AAA - 45 minutes. Yay.

She and I had a brief session about the last week's stress.

I also mentioned going to the Museum for First Friday and dancing salsa with Bonnie. That helped me reduce my fever by helping me dance my fiebre out.

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Here's another Moosewood classic that I just LOVE:
Tis one of my favorites (well what isn't) ;)