Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Palabras Para Hoy 24 de abril 2007

“Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.”

Wow. So this weekend I took a much needed vacation up to Portland to be pampered by my friends Mike and Megan. Friday night I missed my flight by moments at the Oakland airport and was stressed out. I called exasperated and they reassured me I would be taken care of, to get on the plane.

I took their advice. I fell asleep on the flight and arrived at 8:30 (a mere half hour after my expected arrival) and was treated to a beautiful warm home with wine and homemake fondue about to be started.

The table was set.

Fondue was being made by our host with a family recipe that gave off such an inviting aroma of garlic, wine, cheese, and kirsch...

Much to my surprise fondue is not a sticky slog in which bread is dipped...it is a delicate flavour that coats and absorbs into the cavities of fine bread. Served with wine and an assortment of fine meats and a salad it was the warmth to relax to and have a pleasant family-style meal to.

Kudos, once again, to the warmth that is Mike's gift to his guests. Never a care or a need...simply relax, enjoy, and partake.

By the end of the weekend I had enjoyed bocci ball in the rain, danced among bellydancers, reminisced about the Muppet Movie, heard an otter grunt, marveled over moss and flowering trees, and marveled over waterfalls.

The weekend was nothing short of a miracle.

This image is from our hike around some falls in Portland.

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