Saturday, April 14, 2007

Free Alan Johnston

The past month has been heartwrenching to hear the story of Alan Johnston's disappearance. He's a BBC Correspondent in Palestine and is believed to have been kidnapped.

On April 12 three news agencies joined to recollect his work: the BBC, Al-Jazeera, and Sky News.

His father read a simple and moving statement on behalf of his son for the captors to release him.

Free press is a right we have as human beings to know the world around us and the lives people across this planet experience. Journalists have been under attack over the last few years, not only in the Middle East.

Lend your support: Sign the Petition. Send your message of support.

May his captors have mercy and let him free.


Roger Williams said...

There's no such thing as a "free press" in the Arab world, even less so in the terrorist mini-state running the show in Gaza. The concept that someone can claim to be a reporter without becoming a mouthpiece for party propaganda is a widely ridiculed concept in dictatorships and in guerrilla wars alike.

Alan Johnston won't be coming home from Gaza because he's dead.

Roger Williams said...

I'm here to eat crow - he's obviously alive, and now, he's out. Turns out the terrorist group that runs Hamas got the terrorist group that kidnapped him to let him go. And the terrorist group that said they'd murdered him? Turns out they lied. Ah. Arab politics.