Saturday, April 14, 2007

10 Miles So Far...

This week started the official mileage count for the marathon in our training.

Up to this point we were running to build up time stamina. This week we're hitting numbers...3 miles, 4 miles, 3 miles, and 5 miles.

Tomorrow I will do 5 miles and it will be the longest distance I have run.

Yesterday when I completed 4 miles I was glowing with the thought of having completed 1/6 of a marathon.

I hit the wall at about 2 miles but then I just kept on running...and my path took me from my home in the San Antonio district to Park Boulevard, south to Dimond Park and onto Fruitvale and Farmer Joe's close to MacArthur.

I drive to Farmer Joe's. It's one exit down from my house.

I ran that myself yesterday.


Here's to the next 4 months of training. I AM training for the San Francisco Marathon. I'm 10 miles into now...


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