Sunday, April 29, 2007

7.1 Miles

After running 4 miles in Portland this week I avoided my training. I've been working a lot and been sleeping a lot.


Emotional inventory?

Today I decided to return to my training after laying in my bed with a terrible headache and seeing that my phone would not relieve me. No one was calling me. Today was an alone day, despite my calling a few folks.

At 6 pm I set out on my run with the sneakers Mitzi gave me a few years ago.
Today I ran my 5 mile route and headed up highway 13 to Thornhill and back.

My knees feel worked right now, but they kept me going. A new playlist on the iPod kept me pushing past the internal limitations.

Today was a lonely day where my run had me asking questions of my worth, ability, reason and the rhythm of running allows me to ask these questions while moving. Even if I don't answer these questions, my body is moving and I am not drowned by my questions.

When I returned home I examined the bottom of my shoes. The training book mentions wear and tear on shoes.

I was a nay-sayer because I have never worn athletic shoes through before, but I find that these shoes that Mitzi gave me are showing wear. The heels are thinning. The rubber padding is not as protective as it used to be.

I am learning that running is a discipline that requires one to use the right equipment. The right shoes are a necessity, not items of vanity.

I am 25% of the way to my marathon.

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