Friday, April 6, 2007

My Neighbor, the Goat

Yesterday morning I woke groggily to the sound of someone crying.

I was annoyed and was hoping that the baby upstairs didn't have something serious going on with him. He's generally a well-behaved kid.

I showered, got dressed for the day and left my house only to hear the crying more clearly. It came from next door and there he was, floppy ears and all and bleeting: a full-sized goat.

He's very cute. A mottled brown and white coat, pale green eyes with vertical slits.

And he bleets.

I bleeted back and welcomed him to the neighborhood.


Karen said... that legal?

And, well, I hate to say it, but with Easter on Sunday... do you think he's here to stay?

Karen said...

OMG, that IS one ... cute ... goat!

And ... um ... it's still there, right?

Here's hoping you AND the goat had a lovely Easter Sunday.

Hugs 4U!

Roger Williams said...

Indeed, am I dying to know if this goat made it past Easter. Hell, I think the entire concept of urban livestock should be explored in further depth.

wrki said...

He's gone!

Apparently he came over to clear their backyard of some extra foliage.


Karen said...

Ahh...but he lives. :-) And as foliage has a way of growing back, I'm sure you will see Senor Goat again.