Sunday, January 14, 2007

We ALL Should Be Partying Like This When We're 60

I thank GOD for my boricua genes. Dude, my mom is amazing...volunteering for a million organizations, always has time for the community of people she's built around her and just an amazing beacon of love. If I can be 1/2 the woman she I had no idea how much I really missed her til I landed.

Tonight we went to George's Garage in Durham after a decadent dinner at our friend Mary's house where she made mami a dinner of lobster, mussels, baked red potatoes, salad, mango salsa, steak...and trimmings. It was AMAZING.

I can't wait to put all the footage from the weekend together, but here's just a sample of how much we danced. I will be telling Apple they need to include a light on the video camera, but the silhouette is kinda nice...and the sound is NOT bad. I was actually dancing salsa with the computer in my hand next to her while she was dancing salsa. The song in the background is praising "Madre". Perfecto, no? (La cancion es de Azuquita, el Senor de la Salsa y estuvo en la pelicula Maria Full of Grace.)

I have to say the salsa scene in Durham is blowing my experience in the Bay Area AWAY. I heard NO reggaeton. Everyone was dressed well. NO drama. ALL excellent music and a mixed crowd of ages and dance experience. No one was left alone too long on the sidelines. THAT'S what I am talking about...classy, non-pretentious, friendly for all!

ASI gozamos! Y para siempre, ESPERO!


Karen said...

Holy CRAP!! Salsa in DURHAM?! Where the hell was it when I still lived there?!

Oh well...

I totally remember George's Garage!

Have a wonderful time in the NC!

wrki said...

My parents and some NY friends started salsa parties in like...1991?

But the scene has totally grown and it seems to have kept the smooth NY flavour!