Monday, January 29, 2007

R.I.P. Newt

This morning I woke up in Pleasant Hill before my alarm after finishing a whirlwind day of babies and hellos and good-byes at Megan's to catch up after a month of missing one another and drove home to make breakfast, change into sweats, and go to training by 6.

Okay, by 6:05. Our stride has improved in the last week. In the same half hour walk we've gone from covering less than a quarter of the Lake Merritt perimeter to almost the first quarter of the lake from the Cascade Stairs to the Henry J. Kaiser convention center. Within a few weeks we'll begin our jog/run regimen. So far my tunes keep me happy. A Samba house number kept me tracing patterns in the sidewalk this morning and giggling to myself like I was in kindergarten.

I was so juiced after this morning's brisk walk that I did laundry before 7 am and then went back home.

A few hours later after making a cumin-lemon grilled salmon arugula salad for lunch and taking a little nap and shower I walked to open the gate and noticed a flat, white-bellied carcass. My heart sank in the gorgeous Monday mid-morning sun.

My fear is that it is the newt from Saturday. How sad. Our relationship was so short.


Karen said...

Well, you know. These little amphibians aren't the brightest link in the food chain. This one time, when I went to science camp, a newt managed to find its way into my overnighter (and NO I DID NOT put it there. I wanted a pet, but not that badly). We found it the evening I got home, swimming on top of the laundry in the washer. My ex-stepprick dispatched it with some pliers, forever earning my enmity. But once I tempered my utter hatred of him into a steady and manageable contempt, I had to wonder just wtf the damn newt was thinking when it wandered into my bag in the first place. I mean, hello?! Since when does a duffel look like a mossy boulder?!

Anyway...I do feel sorry for your carport buddy, but perhaps its species would be better served by those with a better sense of direction?

O said...

RIP newt. I enjoyed reading about you. Alas...

wrki said...