Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Oye...Mas Fotos del Fin de Semana

Wondering who those shadows were dancing in the video from a few days ago? Well, thank GOD Margarita (my mami's friend who drove 90 miles to celebrate mami's birthday) had a camera with a little more power than the Macbook I took with me on the dance floor!

I was so happy dancing...with Mami and even with a DANCE PARTNER (which I haven't done since...August when my dad visited to see The Spanish Harlem Orchestra at Stern Grove).

There's NOTHING like whirling around in salsa with a great lead. Nothing in the world. I enjoy going solo, moviendome como si fue nada, but it's another thing ENTIRELY to pair off with another person who interprets the music, plays with the rhythm and interprets the music beyond the "1-2-3 (and) 4-5-6" count. Ay! Me pone en el aire!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Erika,

It was great to see you at George's Garage. Yes your mom is the best!
Glad to see you liked the photos. It was a fabulous weekend. Love your blog.